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The BEST 5 ways to Nourish your Gut

New Years is here. We can’t help but want to set goals and achieve more. New Year New You… right? WELL… What if we didn’t set resolutions? How about NOT telling ourselves that who we are and what we love isn’t enough? What if we just RE-dedicated ourselves to what we know is best for our individual self? How much more simple would that be than setting resolutions we don’t even WANT to do? Why not focus on the re-focus? That is why I want to share 5 Ways to A Healthier Gut in 2019.

It can be that simple and gratifying. Knowing yourself. Accepting you for who you are! Doing and eating what you love and what makes your body feel good. Kicking some ass and taking names while doing it with a SMILE on your gorgeous face! Strive to be the best you that you ALREADY are. This to me, makes EVERY New Year a GREAT one!

Holidays Kick My Butt Too

I know the feeling of wanting to reset. Throughout the entire year I practice mindful eating. Why am I putting this into my mouth? Craving, hunger, or am I hangry? But when the holidays come around… all of that pretty much goes out the window. Christmas cookies. Delicious heavy meals with friends and family. Holiday Cocktail hours. How can one resist this magical time of year decorated in frosting and powdered sugar? This Herbalist is here to tell you, it doesn’t always happen.

January RE-Set

That is why I choose to make January my RE-Set month. Striving to not use the words ‘Dieting’ or ‘Cleanse”. Just going back to the normal that gives my body the THRIVE feeling. Boundless amounts of energy. Good quality sleep, and best of all. A little happy treat here and there. In our house, that being in the form of Dark Chocolate.

This mindful eating practice makes you think. It doesn’t tell you you’re wrong or being ‘bad’. All it does is bring light to why, in this moment, you are choosing that food. When you think about your food, the result generally, turns into choosing options that are more nourishing. Adding to your vitality instead of separating you from it. This, to me, is the best way to RE-Set in January.

And we all love simplicity. We strive to do our best in our actions, our words and our thoughts. Food can be in this category too. When we make healthy choices with mindful eating. A healthy gut comes naturally. To achieve this, there are 5 steps I want to cover. All are easily implemented into your daily life. EACH of them will lead to a Healthier Gut in 2019!

5 Ways To A Healthier GUT in 2019

Step 1 – RE-Releasing Inflammatory Foods

Yes. We have to begin again in saying no to those Christmas Cookies and Goodies. This will only help your gut and self get back into balance. Inflammatory Foods are all over the Holiday Menus. Wheat, Dairy, and Sugar being at the very top of the list. Gravies, cookies, pies, egg-nog… all containing a very high does of sugar. When these foods are broken down through digestion. They all become many molecules of sugar.

Though they are different forms. Each of them create the same response of spiking your blood sugar. This always leading to short satisfaction from your meals. Making you want to eat again. And of course, going for that lovely fix of sugar in the form of Holiday Goodies. These goodies can easily turn into regular treats if we aren’t mindful.

Step 2 – Drink MORE Bone Broth

SIMPLE! We can make it at home. We can find it in the Natural Food Store, OR our local Farmer’s Markets! Bone Broth It is nourishing, satisfying, and stock-full (pun intended) of nutrients that help heal the gut. How is this not a simple implementation in our RE-Set time of the Year? Don’t like the flavor? I find it blends perfectly into a smoothie without being noticed. Though, I do love a warm mug of broth in our FREEZING Wyoming January weeks.

Step 3 – Say HELLO to your Bitter Face

Yeup. I went there AGAIN. I love, love, LOVE my Bitters. Those of you who know me know that. Those of you following my Blog. Also know that! Bitters come to light all throughout my work as an Herbalist. The reasons are endless. Their effect on the gut is irreplaceable. For a healthy beginning in 2019, bring these active goodies into your life. One to two droppers full before meals or after is all it takes. And I know, your gut will thank you!

#showmeyourbitterface and let’s start a revolution of the gut TOGETHER!

Step 4 – EAT Greens With EVERY Meal

Another one that is right in-font of us. Hiding in plain sight. Super simple. Under you eggs in the morning for Breakfast. Steamed on top of your tomato sauce. Chopped and mixed into your Chicken Salad for lunch. EACH meal of the day, can easily house greens. They are full of life. Stacked with nutrients and fibers. AND just as simple as the above steps to achieve vitality in your January RE-Set.

Step 5 – Take Time to BREATHE…

As an Herbalist, I can’t help but stress the de-stress during your day. Meditation can be such an intimidating word to use. When truly the beginning of it is another simple implementation into your life. Simple and profound. Not only does it bring you into the now. It connects you to your body and spiritual mind.

Every practice starts small. And meditation is a practice. 5 minutes twice or three times a day is the start. Take 5 minutes at lunch. Another 5 after dinner. Just listen to your breath going in and out of your body. This is the beginning of something that will take loads of weight off of your shoulders. Allowing the burden of modern life, to be released from your body.


2 thoughts on “The BEST 5 ways to Nourish your Gut

  1. I love how you talk about “mindful eating” as the alternative to diet or cleanse. I never really heard it expressed that way, but the way you wrote it makes sense – the idea of asking “Why am I eating this? Why am I eating this right now? How will this food serve me?” Being truly reflective of what we put in our bodies… without judgement or shame. I’m curious to read more – do you have a post about probiotics? I hear such contradictory things about probiotics. (You’ve also inspired me to give bone broth a try! I’m nervous though – it doesn’t sound very appetizing lol!)

    1. Hey Jamie! Thanks for the comment. Truly… the ‘mindful’ eating made food choices make sense. I am glad that it resonates with you! Truly… My favorite probiotics come from Fermented Foods. I plan to write about why and all soon. It is on the calendar! BUT for now… read about Tursija… it is one of my FAVORITE fermented foods. We add it to most of our meals for a boost of probiotics that TRULY help the gut. More on that later! Did you subscribe to my email list? This will keep you in the loop on new blog posts. I do a ‘science’ update every two weeks that will address the body and food and all those relations more in-depth. AGAIN thank you for the comment!!

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