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Brittny — verified owner

My family absolutely loves this medicine! We have it on hand for any cough or respiratory ailments. I also take this when I might be feeling like I’m catching a bug or around someone with a sickness, when I need a boost. It’s worked wonders for us and especially clearing that junk cough that lingers and doesn’t wanna let god. Love! It!


EXPECT CLARITY is a fabulous remedy which has soothed my cough after breathing forrest fires. I am deeply grateful as it helped my breathing so I could sleep. I am beyond grateful. Thank you!


I LOVE this herb. I stated taking this herb to help me diminish my cough and it soothed me immensely. I recommend it highly.

Greg Peyton — verified owner

This is another one of Heathers products that I keep on hand constantly. If you are in tune with your body even a little bit, you there are times that this herb blend will help overcome a mistake made. Today even, after I did small welding job in my shop, I realized that the fumes were lingering more than I expected. I didn’t have real symptoms, but the point here is that I will take some of this blend as a precaution for the aid of my lungs. Years ago, I knew what it was like to have trouble with respatory issues, and have been more keen since then. This blend will help you with that.

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