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Our values are roots deep in the soil, to nourish the lands, while the lands nourish us.


At Enchantment Creek Apothecary, purity and potency are our top priorities. Working with herbs that thrive in the Rocky Mountain Bio Region. Our blends will bring your body to the heights of the Rockies, powerful and vibrant. We grow all of the herbs that make up our line of potent plant remedies. This ensures you are going to get the results you are searching for.

Fresh plant material is the key to our products. The plants we work with are harvested, and within minutes, processed into tinctures, oils and vinegar extracts.

Our herb gardens are tended to with mother nature in mind, mimicking the forest floors, the herbs feel right at home. While we are not organic, the herb gardens have claimed a space that is pure and held to regenerative algiculture standards.

Enchantment Creek was founded in 2018 and is making waves through the Big Horn Basin. Our apothecary is FDA and cGMP Compliant and licensed by the State of Wyoming.

We look forward to serving you the People’s Medicine and stocking your home apothecary with powerful plant remedies.


Herbal Health & Herbal Remedies Heather the Rocky Mountain herbalist

Heather Jones
Founder of Enchantment Creek



The medicines created at Enchantment Creek come from the wisdom of the forest and my ancestors. The plant spirits guide me through the lands. We have created ceremonies for harvest, propagations in the forest and prayers for the people’s medicine. The relationship we have cultivated over the years has led to thriving wild harvesting locations and medicines that vibrate with the intensity of our Rocky Mountain Region.

The plants, mountains, rivers & trees hold the secrets that we seek...

Thanks for being here. We can’t wait for you to FEEL the difference Nature Made Remedies make.


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The herbs, herbal remedies and product claims listed on this website have not been evaluated by and are not approved by the FDA. The actions listed of each herb or herbal product are descriptions of their traditional uses and are for informational use only.

As everyone’s body is different, herbs and products made from herbs may have varying effects upon each individual using them. Herbs and products made from herbs are not guaranteed to work, or to work the same for everyone.

Enchantment Creek Apothecary Products & Heather’s writings are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure disease or any other health issue, nor are they meant to replace or deny any advice from any other medical professional or doctor.
Enchantment Creek Apothecary will not be held responsible for any reactions, adverse effects, or misuse of its products or advice, as they are merely suggestions that the client chooses to use or not to use of his or her own free will.

By purchasing Enchantment Creek Apothecary products, the customer has agreed to and understands the above information. Blessings and Thank you!

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