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It’s Natural NOT to know your Period is coming…

Are you aware that it’s not a natural part of our monthly cycles, as women, to have intense emotional mood swings and debilitating pain in our pelvis?

We all hear it, and we have accepted it as normal. Cramps that leave you in the fetal position, PMS and to watch out, oh, she must… you know. 

So many of us have to call into work monthly, because we can barely get out of bed. 

I hear you, believe me, because I was one of those women. Stuck in the fetal position, in a dark room, attached to a heating pad…

We are meant to be in our power, pausing for mensuration, yes, but it debilitating us, is not the way it was meant to be…

From working with clients over the last 10 years plus, I have found that with the amount of exposure we have in this modern world to unnatural substances, or free radical damage from our environments, we are experiencing an unprecedented amount of distress when it comes to our feminine cycles.

It wasn’t until I started working with herbs that I realized one major piece that allopathic medicine is completely missing in the monthly cycle conundrum.

Our liver.

Our liver is constantly freeing our body of a natural substances and metabolic waste from inside the body

And with our modern way of living our livers are working overtime to process pesticides, herbicides found in our foods. Chemicals that are being rained down from the air. And the constant barrage of added substances to our drinking water.

Our livers are overloaded

Many of these listed chemicals take precedence and are isolated and removed from the body via the liver. BUT with all the excess in this modern life, our liver slacks off on other jobs That under normal circumstances would be doing perfectly well.

Our cycles are a season, one to live through, and thrive with.

This looks like not processing metabolic waste from stress, and monthly fluctuation hormones.

This leaves their metabolic waste to float around your blood. THEN, when we have our cyclical monthly dues we end up with a flood of extra hormones, and leftover wastes from before.

This creates a hormonal soup in our blood that wreaks havoc on our bodies and our minds.

Supporting the liver is essential to a calm, and cool, and collected monthly cycle.

By giving the liver the extra support it needs in our modern lives, the once deficit of efficiency is restored again.

The metabolic waste from the hormones left over, is processed and the blood is left clear for the next month’s fluctuation.

And how do we support the liver in this way, you ask?

This looks like female specific digestive bitters, of course!

And with that, may I formally introduce to you… Womb Wisdom Bitters.

The digestive bitters that are included in the womb wisdom blend are specifically geared towards the female hormonal system, as well as support of the liver.

I include Angelica, more commonly known as Don qui. This is a renowned Chinese medicinal herb for working with the female body. Angelica is known as “the great balancer’ in regard to balancing the life long fluctuation of the feminine hormonal system. 

Harvesting Angelica in the Rockies…

No matter the stage you are in, Angelica will bring balance to your body, mind and soul.

Angelica is a popular remedy for all cycles of the female body. It encourages the feminine flow to be in line with nature. Chaotic and gorgeous, powerful and smooth. Angelica is technically classified as a digestive bitter, for exactly the reasons mentioned above.

She gets our liver in prime working order.

As true to my work, here in the Rockies, I work with the angelicas that are found in the high mountain meadows of our region. She has the presences of the Archangel, so I call her the angel of our forests. The species that I work with, Angelica arguta and A. henderosini, are large, robust plants that tower over my head. The roots are just as robust.

With Angelica working with you, be certain that cramping of the stomach, uterus and pelvis will be soothed… this is the female herb.

The fragrance of the fresh root is intoxicating, just like so many of the root medicines that I love. Angelica is a gem to work with and a quick grower too. The stands of plants that I visit are doing well as I spread the seed while harvesting, making sure that our wild lands are not only protected, but thrive.

Another bitter herb that I have included is green gentian, or the century plant.  Both of these bitter roots are nourishing and strengthening to the liver and it’s vitality. 

Nettles are a common ingredient in Enchantment Creek Apothecary’s offerings. Renownd for the sting, but we love this plant for the nourishment it offers the body. Bringing mineral rich, chlorophyll dense and balancing to an excessively heavy flow. Nettles created the perfect touch for a gorgeous blend.

Womb Wisdom Bitters continues the balancing act with nutritious and mineral-rich herbs included in the blend. To top it off with a special, spring time flower to bring her beauty medicine for the strength of your feminine essence.

I have to be honest here, when I made this blend I thought it was nice. But, when I put the small batch out last year, the response I received was completely unexpected.

I got compliments regularly on my medicines, but this one brought phone call, after phone call, after phone call of women crying with relief. Asking me what was the difference in this particular blend from every other tincture or remedy, they’ve tried before. 

I had women telling me that their PCOS was completely diminished, and their PMS was no longer plugging them, even stories of women not knowing their periods were coming… I was shocked at this response.

Because the batch was small, this was a small and random selection of women who happened upon this bitter blend at the Market. I am so happy to say that with such a prolific growing season last year, we have a large batch that is freshly bottled this week.

Womb Wisdom Bitters is officially back in stock. Head over to the Apothecary… Womb Wisdom Bitters