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Bring Tools to the Festivities of the Season…

Nervous about your digestion during the season of eating, drinking, family, friends and fun?

Fear those days when your sluggishness you know came from the rich, heavy meal that you overate the night before?

Not being able to say no to the cheese boards, and eggnog that never ceases to flow?

I hear you, friends, cheese plates are my downfall and that eggnog??? I make a farm fresh batch every year and it doesn’t always do my digestion well. 

Ya hear me?

The season of food is coming

Enchantment Creek’s full line of digestive bitters is a perfect addition to all holiday parties! Check out the full line HERE…

You tell yourself, “This year will be different! I will stick to my diet and keep myself under control!”

This year I won’t gain the Holiday Pounds, fall completely off my wagon and ill just say no to every holiday meal I see.

I’ll bring my own food and only eat that!

This year will be different.

It always feels this way to me too, like by some miracle I won’t partake in the holiday gravy, pie, and other caramelized goodies. 

I’ll only grab a small plate at dinner, then, when I get in line, there aren’t any available!

What this boils down to is restrictions.

Those of you who have worked with me, one on one, know I am not a restriction type person. Life is meant to be lived, and that means, saying yes to the cheese boards once or twice per year. It means taking two cups of eggnog with your dessert. 

Restriction is not only rude to our human nature, it just doesn’t add to the glitter and gold of the season that we love to celebrate. 

BUT I will say, the discomfort of our digestion, and the flares of inflammation are not really worth it most of the time, right?

Digestive bitters are truly the answer to many digestive imbalances, they contain phytochemicals that create reactions in the body that balance digestion!

Complete abstinence to indulging in the holiday abundance of food and drink is the extreme.

Leaving with an overly full belly and waking up with guilt over your food baby, is the other end of extreme…

What is TRULY missing from the picture of keeping it under conrol?


If we expect to go into a situation, smashing old habits to the ground, having NEW systems firmly in place is key. 

Without these tools, expect this roundabout situation to continue year after year.

Digestive Bitters are my FAVORITE tool for keeping it somewhere in the middle.

Not only do they make a great mocktail to get us through the slough of alcohol.

The chemical reaction that occurs within the body address…

Appetite Control

Sugar Cravings

HeartBurn & Indigestion

and Overeating!

Digestive bitters are one of our most powerful tools for every day habits we are looking to shift!

Digestive bitters are able to chat with our nervous system connected to the gut to keep our bodies feeling satisfied & full.

Sipping on them throughout the night will create a mindset that says, I am content in my stomach! No need to continue making trips to the appetizer table, 

Digestive bitters are the tool that not only balances your brain, but systematically relaxes the need to feed.

These responses are mechanical and chemical, shown time and time again by modern science to create nourishing reactions in the body & brain through chatting with our T2R taste buds! (check out my article on the Vagus Nerve for a nerdy deep dive…)

Think of an empty vessel. How badly do you want to fill it all the way to the brim and keep it there.

Even if a little comes out of the bottom, what makes you want to continue to over fill it, so much that liquid spills out over the top, or even pours out completely.


Bringing our Herbal Tools INTO our lives is where they will make the biggest difference!

Digestive bitters are the mediator of keeping that vessel perfectly full without needing to over fill it and fill it again, they give you the feeling of full at the half full mark. 

This leaves room for a bit more, but the urge to spill over is alleviated.

With this tool firmly in place, your holiday plate isn’t spilling out over the sides

You choose a large portion of salad, and chill on the sweet marshmallow yams saturated in brown sugar.

Maybe you even skip a second helping?

You are able to sip deliciously on a glass of wine with dinner, instead of sucking down cocktails all night long.

With our digestive bitter mocktails, we have room to allow for enjoyment of the holiday fare, while keeping it under wraps with a cap on our appetite.

I’ve got 3 Mocktail Recipes going out this season!

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