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Astragalus is not an immune herb.

Have you been relying on this herb to eliminate colds and flus, and other seasonal sickness?

Do you notice it doesn’t seem to work? 

Let’s dive into what plants WILL work and why Astragalus doesn’t provide the results you are looking for.

The black and white of it all, is Astragalus is not an herb to take for a Boost in your Immune Responses.

Astragalus is an herb that promotes a whole body vitality, and balance of your Energetic Body, creating a spectrum of divine alignment.

Immune response is important for each of us, but what is more important is to know what the difference in a TRUE immune boosting herb VS an herb for all body wellness and Vitality – Like Astragalus.

Astragalus is known as a Tonic Herb. This means the whole body has underlying benefits like a fully functioning immune system, release of hypertension, balancing of prediabetic states, and all around health. 

Plants like Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Elderberry tincture and Osha Root are herbs to be utilized seasonally and/or when exposed to sickness. 

These situations, have you looking for herbs that provide a BOOST in your immune response, right? Your friend had a cold, or your kids went to a Birthday Party where the sniffles are now circulating.

You grab for the Astragalus because the teller at the Health Food Store told you it was a great herb for Immune Responses. 

Showing you an article in the Health Food magazine that backs this statement up. 

AND your family ends up getting sick anyway, and staying sick for days to weeks. 

All while diligently administering the recommended dose of Astragalus in tinctures, capsules or powder into smoothies. 

What gives?

We can rely on Astragalus for all around wellness, then when we feel sickness coming on, add herbs that are TRUE immune boosting plants, like Echinacea, Elderberry tincture and Osha.

The TRUE and real issue here is the Trends of Herbalism and media touting the more ‘exotic’ herbs. 

These claims offer the cure-all pill giving the promise of a quick fix for your symptoms.

Astragalus has been COMPLETELY misrepresented in this capacity. Taking one component of what the herb encourages, a healthy immune response, to be the ONLY thing this gorgeous root has to offer. 

This happens a lot in the land of Natural Health, Western Herbalism and the Supplement industry as a whole. The newest and greatest super food or herb that will do all the things you ask of it. Most of these super food miracle herbs are dissected in this manner. Taking one component that will grab the attention of the  masses and run with it. 

But does this mean this is the ultimate truth and complete understanding of what an herb has to offer the body? 

When we look at Herbs like Astragalus from a wider lens, we see that it increases the capacity to balance and nourish many systems of the body. Circulation, Heart Health, Digestive support, inflammatory responses and Immune system health. 

Just because a plant has one component of healing our bodies, does not mean that is the ONLY way, or best way to use it.

These are clues as to the true use of Astragalus; a whole body tonic herb vitally to the ENTIRE system VS herbs like Echinacea that are specifically taken to boost your immune system. 

How do you know if Astragalus is right for you?

Are you chronically fighting inflammation, colds and flus, other infections, or chronic dis-ease?

Yes? REMEMBER! Astragalus is NOT an immune herb! Astragalaus is only going to DRIVE these conditions deeper into the body (it is not meant to treat your symptoms) Because Astragalus is a TONIC herb, it is not meant for treating symptoms, while it is also not meant for someone who is chronically ill.

When we take the understanding that Astragalus is a tonic herb, we can take into account our own inner vitality. 

Are we generally healthy, vibrant and well by the standards of health?

Yes? Astragalus will enhance your vitality more and more. 

When we look at herbs from the perspective of their own bodies, seeing their effects on the human as a whole, we can then break down how these herbs can truly help us!

Immune System Vitality comes from TRUE Health that is a part of a lifestyle.

Elderberry tincture and Echincace for example, two herbs that house Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Polysaccharides that stimulate the immune system, Anti[-Viral compounds that assist the body’s response to invasions and imbalances of bacteria and viruses. 

The compounds that these two, and the other herbs I mentioned above, are geared directly toward the immune system. YES there are other benefits of feeding our bodies with antioxidants (more on that later), but the main goal of these AntiViral Powerhouse plants is that of the Immune Response.

If you are chronically ill or perfectly healthy, these are the kinds of herbs to use for cold and flu season.

If you are ready for some Astragalus in your life, for now, I am referring you to Mountain Rose Herbs. BUT next year, I am planting TONS of Astraglaus at the Farm!

So expect some dried roots for your bone broth and tea, and a delightful, potent extract made in true 

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