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How to hear the messages from Palo Santo

Messages from Palo Santo : Connecting with Plant Spirits

how to hear the messages from palo santo
Spiral in the plant life shows a piece of sacred geometry. These are signs from nature in ways to connect with our plant spirits. Photo from

I was listening to Palo Santo this morning.  Breathing in her smoke calming my mind down into a meditation.  She was the chosen medicine today simply for understanding. I wanted to open my mind to the teachings she holds.  Hoping to learn how I can better serve in teaching you. I usually open my meditations with the infinity symbol. I trace it in front of my third eye.  While I sink into my quiet mind. But Palo Santo urged me to change this movement this morning. Letting me know that she communes better through the motion of a spiral. 

I heard the subtle message from my Palo Santo. With an open heart, I listened and opened my meditation with the unusual spiral surrounding my third eye. I asked her what she had to teach me this morning.  Then, I asked her what her messages were.

how to hear the messages from palo santo
Palo Santo Tree… Sacred Tree of the Third Eye… Photo from

Simply stated, the spiral is her message.  The motion of a spiral offers a time of slow contemplation.  Circling around slowly and steadily centered around the foundation while cultivating the new walls.  As the spiral continues it gets smaller and tighter in the center. Creating a sturdy place to build from.  The spiral grows on the outside with new fresh wisdom to carry into the center. Only making it stronger. This is similar to the infinity symbol.  But more of a nature made understanding of the foundation of now.  

Growing Closer to Nature by learning how to hear the messages from Palo Santo

As we grow our connection to nature.  We begin to notice that our minds are able to slow more naturally.  I am in a place right now where I normally would be very busy, physically.  My body is in the process of healing an injury. The shift from busy body to slowing down this time of year feels very unnatural to me.  But I also know through the messages of nature. I can sink into this slow season of life. This feels incredibly linear to the intensity we are experiencing on a Global Scale these days…

Palo Santo’s messages this morning only confirm this slow down for me.  Reiterating the fact that I am adding onto my inner foundation. In slowing my mind now. I will hear how best to move forward. This space of calm healing days, allowing a time for me to focus.  Hone in on what is truly moving my goals into the stage of fruition.    

This is how we connect to our plant spirits.  It is a meditative mantra practice. Like all things we practice, it developing it will take time.  The plant spirits are alive and vibrant. When you go into the space of mantra and meditation. Working towards a calm quiet mind.  Their subtle languages start to come through your body. You are able to grasp onto what nature is teaching. Learn how it effects your path in life.  How they are guiding you from the Divine. I always think back to the days of foraging for life. When we were gathering, nomadic people. This time in humanity must have been so clear.  Minds calm. Focused on only what was needed. This is how they knew what to eat. How that food was also medicine. Where to harvest and where not to.  

Building a foundation

As we start to work with our plants the most important piece is observation.  We begin this way to start to listen first. Forgetting what was learned in pages of scientists, botanists, and herbalists before us. 

We start by seeing nature. What it goes through on a daily basis. Then move outward to the seasonal level. To the yearly. Do you see how these build onto your foundation?  Watching the pieces, seeing how each individual affects the entire being. While you observe.

Start to listen to quiet ideas, thoughts, or signals that come through. We are nature, so this transition is relatively simple.  Our birthright is the connection in this way. You will start to see the spiral everywhere. In trees. Flowers. Plants, Vegetables… Have you ever looked at Brussels Sprouts on the stalk?

how to hear the messages from palo santo
Nature is slow and study spiraling up into the sky from the ground.  This spiral is an incredibly important message from the plants and the trees.  
Photo from Google

Somehow I want to encourage you to slow down.  I challenge you to a time of reflection in nature.  This could be in your garden. It could be with your house plants in the window.  Better yet, begin this observation on your walks. I urge a daily outside time without destination or intent.  Just to walk and watch. This begins the connection to your plant spirit.

As you walk. Notice the ground under your feet…

Do you feel how the root structures hold it together? They support the very earth we walk upon. The plants that grow alongside a pond create the foundation of space for the water to recede from.  Dry land is strengthened by their existence while water is defined. The water releases minerals from the soil. Our plant allies take up those nutrients through their roots. Then, making them soluble for the human body.  Each component of their existence spirals in and out in this way. Noticing these patters are more ways as to how to hear the messages from Palo Santo.

Sacred Geometry…

The Golden Number is a mathematical definition of a proportional function which all of nature obeys, whether it be a mollusk shell, the leaves of plants, the proportions of the animal body, the human skeleton, or the ages of growth in man.

— R. A. Schwaller De Lubicz

Connecting with your plant spirit starts with these actions.  Watching as they grow through the seasons. Having a plant thrive, planted in a pot on your bright sunny window sill.  Taking the time out of your mind, to be out of your mind. Letting your preconceived thoughts and mindsets go. This allows space for the subtle teachings and cues from nature to seep in.  They begin to show you who is especially connected to you. Your observations start to become feeling based over time. The plants will beckon to you. Calling you in. But you MUST take the time to slow down.  Regimen your walks. Forget about any destination. And this is where the challenge lies. Even if you have to schedule it in. Take the time to turn off your mind with nature.  


Connecting with your plant spirit will take time.  Learning to understand their messages will take even more Time.  It’s all about turning you off so that nature can fill you up and enlighten all aspects of your body.  Our judgments, our thought cycles and our preconceived notions of what is isn’t at all. Nature has this all figured out already.  Our bodies have this figured out already. It is our mind that does not allow us to understand or absorb these natural cues.

In my meditation this morning with Palo Santo with the message of Spiral…  This was an offering of mantra from the tree. The spiral is a mantra that will help you to solidify your calm.  Encouraging and setting space for the mind to be turned off. The following can be used as a mantra as you’re walking.  It can be used as a mantra as you are staring at your plants. AAs you implement this Spiral Mantra into your daily life.  You will begin to notice a calmer mind. More clarity. This shift will include plant spirits that call to you.  

How to hear the messages from Palo Santo like this one…

The spiraling Mantra from Palo Santo…

From the eye of the spiral has begun at the end.

The conscious mind sees what the spiral has created.

The building blocks of existence are on the exterior of the spiral.

The challenge is to follow it.

The challenge is to feel the inside of the spiral.

Feel how tightly wound it is.

See through your eyelids the intensity of this foundation

Understand that this isn’t chaotic tense.  The tightness of the spiral is all for strength.

The inside of a spiral does not mind that it is the inside. 

It will keep on growing, strengthening, tightening as the spiral continues inward.

As it tightens the exterior builds.  Allowing for more growth and space.

It is in this constant contraction and release that we build our foundation.

Time for physical strength and time for rest.

Time for intense contemplation and time for it to sink in.

This is how nature moves

This is how the spiral solidifies.

Messages from the Spirit of Palo Santo…

This is what nature teaches. 

Consistently chaotic. Consistently intense, strong and forceful.  Yet calm and peaceful in these actions. This is how to build a foundation.  This is how to hear the messages from Palo Santo, and other nature beings. Feeling that spiral working within your body. After all, it’s in your DNA. The spiral mantra can offer this understanding.  How a foundation needs some stress to be built. The strong core versus the open exterior.

But this building in its intensity.  Also brings a sense of calm and peace. This comes from the consistency. With consistency. We keep moving forward. Always moving, even when time seems to standstill.  This spiral creates balance constricting and contracting as it creates a flow of movement making life.  

Blessings my loves