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Valerian flower for Sleep and Dreams

People ask me all the time, how does valerian flower work? Let’s discuss the role that Valerian flower plays in our as a sleep remedy in our cycles, lucid dreaming, and connection to the dream world. And HOW Working with Valerian root tincture & Dreams can be an effective tool! We will be able to decipher between what is a message from the collective ancestors and creator, as we dive into our dream world with valerian flower.

There are many folk sleep remedy uses of Valerian flower, like teas and salves. But with the modernization of herbal medicine, being able to make potent extracts with alcohol and vinegars, how do these help enhance how the body responds to plant medicines? Modern science is showing us how Valerian root tincture and Valerian flower tincture are working inside of the body. And a lot of the research that is being put out is linking Valerian’s effectiveness for sleep management and stress relief to GABA.

Let's create a GORGEOUS dream state! working with valerian & dreams
Let’s create a GORGEOUS dream state! working with valerian flower & dreams

What is GABA?

Gaba is an inhibitory neurotransmitter within the central nervous system, these specific neurotransmitters are regulators as to whether or not there will be a response in the brain. GABA being a sleep protein, we are happy to hear, it helps to keep us in slumber. GABA is a key protein in synthesizing and balancing our stress and sleep responses. GABA is a protein and it is bioavailable to the body in many forms from food and herbs.

Crossing the BBB

I also found it interesting, that for many years GABA has been thought to not cross the blood brain barrier. When compared to artificial supplements, and natural supplements like getting GABA from valerian flower or other pant sources. We are seeing that GABA is in fact able to cross the blood-brain barrier. This would be the reason it is responsible for working with our sleep and stress responses effectively.

In the placebo double-blind trials that are being conducted in research sleep laboratories. Valerian root tincture, Valerian flower tincture, St John’s Wort, and Kava kava, amongst other herbs, are being shown to be highly effective in creating a balanced and nourished sleep response. Chemicals present in these plants and many others are being shown to produce a sleep effect that is nourishing calm and effective in reducing stress responses and promoting nourishing sleep. When we are creating space for a balanced state of sleep each night, our entire life is changed.

There are lots of supplements available to work with

Taking supplements of proteins and hormones USUALLY do more harm than good. We are not able to fully synthesize the effects of proteins & supplemental hormones, like GABA into our bodies. However, many studies are showing that when we are taking plant, animal, or fungi sources of chemicals like GABA we are fully synthesizing all of the components of the protein.

 Supplements or plants? The evidence is clear!  Let's create a GORGEOUS dream state! working with valerian & dreams
Supplements or plants? The evidence is clear! Let’s create a GORGEOUS dream state! working with valerian & dreams

This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to be taking supplements that are from full plant chemicals. Without exploring the harmful effects of what synthetic compounds are creating in the body. We generally are not absorbing or using any of the active components of the supplement. This, to plainly state, simply means we are completely wasting our money when taking supplements of synthetically derived proteins and hormones.

Valerian and GABA together

Valerian contains chemicals that promote the synthesis of GABA into the body. Through the modulation of GABA neurotransmitters and receptors it is shown to increase sleep time in experimental trials of animals. This is so exciting to see, not only does it validate our centuries old folk medicine with valerian root tincture and valerian flower tincture. But we can learn how these herbs are actually working within the body.

What I love about Valerian flower, as a sleep remedy, is not only these GABA responses to deliver a nourishing sleep response. But, Valerian flower is also an herb that creates a space for our minds to explore the dream state in a somewhat conscious container. When we are dreaming in the nighttime, or even during the day with daydreams. Valerian flower provides a vessel for us to be the observer within.

Balanced Sleep and Working with Valerian & Dreams

With a balanced state of sleep, from sleep remedies like Valerian, our dreamscape is something more powerful than before. This allows for a clear communication within the sleep and dream space from our ancestors & the collective subconscious. When we are working with valerian & dreams with plants in this capacity, we can understand and break apart the messages that are coming through from spirits.

Dreams are often presented to us from Spirit in a very broken language, this is because the ancestors are not able to work with verbal language in a consistent manner. When we are not able to understand the signs and symbols, and more mythological components of the dream space, deciphering our action from the dream space becomes a difficult thing to attain. Understanding the messages become convoluted to say the least.

When we work with tinctures, like Valerian Dreams, which again, is not Valerian Root Tincture, but made of valerian flower, we are able to grasp these messages, bring them into our lives, and work with the symbols from the dream world to create real change in our lives. Maybe you are writing a book, or starting a course, and you want to SEE a clear path. Using Valerian Dreams as a sleep remedy, will help you to bring concrete messages through from your subconscious to put into action and take the correct path.

However, when working with plants like valerian and passion flower for anxiety, kava kava, white sage, Mugwort, and even herbs like rose and lavender. We can anchor into a more physical & earthlier container of understanding. These plants give us an anchor into the physical realm, from our dream space.

Working with these herbs creates a container for us to thoroughly digest and understand what these messages are meaning for our waking lives. The correct moves are laid out before us in the human reality, as we feel into what our dreams mean, this creating a clear way forward for each project, decision, or manifestation you are working toward. THIS is how working with valerian dreams tincture can be so nourishing to your sleep and dreams!

Understanding symbiology from the earthly space creates form for you to take action in your physical life. Being able to grasp a specific symbol from a dream is a concrete way of exploring what our guides, and the collective ancestors are bringing through in our dreams. When we are working with a plant ally as a sleep remedy, we are asking it to help ground us into the Earth. we stay closer to the true reality that we live every day. Grounding us into this physical realm we are really able to explore these symbols and understand their true meaning. When working with herbs like valerian, or California poppy, these symbols become tangible evidence to our dream world becoming a place that we can manifest into our physical reality.

  Supplements or plants? The evidence is clear!  Let's create a GORGEOUS dream state! working with valerian for sleep & dreams
Supplements or plants? The evidence is clear! Let’s create a GORGEOUS dream state! working with valerian for sleep & dreams

When we understand our dreams in this capacity. We are able to manifest a lot more efficiently in our physical reality. The dreamscape is not just an accidental state of mind. From my experience on this Earth, the dreamscape is where we are in direct communication with spirit for a prolonged period of time. And when I have brought herbs into my dream practice, like my Valerian Dreams Tincture, I have found that the exploration of the symbols have has become much more attainable to this physical reality. When we have these concepts inline with our day to day lives, we are following the path to weaving our soul path into every action we take. This bringing ultimate fulfillment to each day, as we get closer to living the life of our sleep and dreams.

When we are having a nourished sleep state that is a long and uninterrupted.

State we can come into the deep realms of the dream world. When we are in these places of the dream state we are fully connecting to our subconscious, and the collective subconscious. This is where we can create a relationship with our Spirit guides, and the collective ancestors. To fully understand and implement the teachings of our soul, this leading to fulfillment of our soul contracts.

When we work with valerian flower and other sleep remedy plants, to promote nourishing sleep, we can cultivate a beautiful dream state that allows for psychic visions, and clairvoyant action throughout the day. This nourishing our ability to remain on our soul path. Making decisions and acting from a place of pure alignment.

For the best results, journal daily in the morning. When you wake up, say out loud ONE thing that you remember from your dream, and write it down, you will be amazed at who when you start writing, the dream begins to piece itself back together. Head over to the Herb Shop Now to get your Bottle of Valerian Dreams, Or California Poppy Tincture!

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Happy dreaming dear darlings!

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