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Bringing Mindfulness in SIMPLY.

So I have been discussing all of these fantastic concepts of vibrational healing, and what I see in people who are devoted to healing through nature and most of al, through the power of their own bodies is powerful to say the least. When we tap into our innate divine power, this is where the magic in our lives happens. And I know that this is how human beings were meant to exist here… connected to Creator and our Soul that exists within the subtle realms. I see it happen all the time, in my own life and that of the people I work with one on one. The crux is still there, and it isn’t an easy piece… getting this done in a devotional practice, every. Single. Day.  Mindfulness is the first step in achieving whole body vitality… and it doesn’t have to be anywhere NEAR complicated (like most would make it seem).

True and lasting vitality comes from within our beingness, our minds, VS our brains, and getting these concepts integrated fully throughout each day. Taking our herbs, talking to our sacred waters, eating well and nourishing foods, and minding our thoughts, and reactions to the outside world. It comes right down to what we can each control in our own lives, which is how we live, and adjust our habits throughout our lives. 

What I have found incredibly amazing and challenging is my mindfulness practices as I have become a mother. I have talked many times over the past few years about my 90 minute meditation sessions, time at my altar every single day, taking breathing breaks and grounding sessions throughout the gardening day, and still managing to tend to my business, our farm and ranch and be a wife. Surprise, surprise, sitting for 90 minutes is next to impossible with a little one at home, and my altar has been completely dismantled since he is climbing on all the things (candle wax is a delicious morsel that I was quite sick of removing from his mouth every day, HA!). Things have changed.

And the best part about all of this? The change didn’t mean a complete dismantling of my practices with the subtle realms, with my spirit team and Creator, over the last 18 months, I have had to adjust everything (those of you with babies get it!), and that adjustment has led me to be where I am now with my practices still intact and probably even more ingrained throughout each morning, day and night. I love this so much, and I love that I can relate to an entire new group of humans, and bring them WAYS to stay sane, as modern mothers who don’t have intact, deep communities, and this excites me so much. 

What is Mindfulness, and how can it be… simple?

Mindfulness is all about watching our thoughts, surrounding emotional responses and actions we take because of them. Being aware of what our brains are talking about and what our minds are saying to ourselves. How do we talk to ourselves when we make a mistake? Is your mind then saying how awful and terrible you are? (I know that I struggle, it is a constant reset for me, as I am very good at being super hard myself). I am overly critical too, it is a habit I have to constantly work on, to shift my mind from telling myself, I’m not doing a good enough job. I’m not working enough. I’m not being a good enough mother. And this is from my overachiever way of living the 37 years before Sawyer arrived in our life. My point in sharing this, is being aware and mindful is a constant practice for us all, none of us are perfect, and there is so much narrative around overworking, doing all the things at all time, and this paradigm is hard to break down. 

We are all in this process together, and it’s better together anyway! Every single one of us has to do this every day to be fully saturated with the vibrational healing of divine alignment that I’m talking about. For me, I have called on many healers and do that on a regular basis for support. Sometimes it takes a really awesome physician who is aware of all the importance of the body-mind connection we all need to implement. I have many spiritual teachers that I consult with on a regular basis. Who wants the best for me, and teaches me tools to use on a daily basis to bring my life into this divine space of alignment.

I know this daily devotional piece is triggering for lots of people. Our nervous systems are overworked and this is modern life. We are constantly inundated with information and we have obscenely packed schedules. Many of you who don’t live in the country are driving long distances to go to work every day, spending hours in your car and spending hours in traffic. All of this is very stressful. We have bills we need to pay. We have children that we’re running around all over the place. And here I am telling you, oh, you just have another practice that you throw in there and I get it. But please, don’t run away! This way of being IS simple.

When I first became a mother, I was completely overwhelmed and allowed myself to slip into the victim mindset for quite a few months. How was I ever going to get my business tended to? How would I ever meditate again? How am I supposed to function, and be a good wife on top of all of this? With the help of my best and most grounded spiritual teachers, I remembered that this truly can be simple, even for me, and just as it can be for YOU. Start with the basics of every day life, and move forward from there, mindfulness practices can be found EVERYWHERE we are.


I teach a concept called ‘mindful eating’ to those of you who work with me. It is simple, all of this is really, and that is why it can feel so complicated. But food is highly emotional, each of us is so attached to our habits, why we think we need a certain substance (especially when it comes from a drive through, a bag or a box). These foods are not only highly addictive, because of the chemical substances that are in them, they also stimulate your primal brain to believe it is yes, eating, but your stomach is never full. These foods are habitual. 

Humans who are eating these things, go to them for snacks, or to decompress after work, or at lunchtime. There is a deep satisfaction that comes from consuming these food-like substances, and that is the crux. Breaking habits, and the nervous system response to feeling good in the moment. When I was first on this journey of food and wellness, I would preach to everyone that the foods they were eating were killing them, that this food was bad and harmful to their health, needless to say, I pissed a lot of people off in those days, while my intention was to help them I was completely missing the mark. I didn’t have a grasp on how deeply attached to food we are as humans, and how much it relates to our nervous system. 

So, mindful eating became a part of what I teach, because it helps the person, to find for themselves, the why in their subconscious mind and physical body, that they think they need this food. Lots of people hide what they are consuming, because they know, somewhere deep down, that they are not nourishing their bodies. The fact that you have read this far, I can imagine you know this, and you are possibly ready to take the shift to health and vitality through the foods you eat and being aware of the WHY you eat how you do now. This is the start of this practice.

Before you go to that usual substance that is pretending to be food, even if that means, sitting outside of the drive through (with enough space to turn around and drive away after you set your nervous system up, teehee). Take those few minutes and breathe, just a little, into your belly, out through your nose, slowly, and listen. Where in your body are you feeling a need for this substance? What part of you or your life is being cradled by this form of eating? What is the emotion around answering these questions?

After you go through these few, simple and excavating questions, breathe again, allow the emotion that surrounds them to be felt, acknowledge it, “I see you sweet self, and you are safe here’”. As you say this, and repeat the process over and over again (practice makes perfect!), you will begin to retrain yourself from ‘needing’ this food-like substance. This is a deep subject, that of food, and when you begin to really shift these habits, you will want to know what it really means to eat. I am a happy resource for you at this tim of your evolution, KNOW that this is the beginning, and you are on a path to true vitality. 


We are saturated in waters, and the structure of our internal waters is created by our mitochondria, who create ATP which establishes structures for our waters to be held in our bodies. These structures are what make up who we are, and they are crystalline in nature holding the vibrational field of our mind, body and soul. 

From Austin’s FB Page…

This concept has been shown, absolutely beautifully, by a woman, Veda Austin. Her work with water, which was inspired by Masaru Emoto, shows this perfectly. I highly recommend checking out her website and following on social media. Waters respond to so many things, thoughts and intentions, photographs and printed materials, words, music, even feelings. Austin’s experiment shows that when the water, exposed to these vibrations, is then frozen at a specific temperature and length of time, will show pictures that represent what it was exposed to. This is how she shows us, through visual representation, how water holds vibration and energy (her experiment, which she will teach you how to replicate at home, is simple and powerful). 

Through this, and what I know of the body mind connection, water is more than life, it is a representation of how we live, think, act, and consume through all that we do. Our waters represent our level of health and reverberate that through our entire being. The crystalline structure of the waters our bodies hold, hold our emotions, and this is how our traumas, experiences, thoughts and mindset affects our cells, our cells are physically bathing in this vibrational field at all times. 

Think of the waters that comprise the foods we eat too, what is that water communicating to our bodies, what was the state of the food when it was grown, or harvested by hands who work like slaves, maybe? Then there is the water we drink and yes, bathe in (I am not going to get into the filtration systems that are included in my aspirations for the apothecary, and our home, but they are out there and will restructure the waters you saturate your family in). To keep this simple, sort of anyway, let’s make a plan for the water you drink. Because that is all we can control, our plans and actions toward each component of our beingness.

Water that comes from the earth through it’s own capacity, spring water, is vibrating with the energies of crystalline structures through the rock that it comes from. There are sacred springs, all over this world, sacred waters, healing waters, bubbling from the earth. Indigenous people KNOW water is life, and holds the sacredness of our mother earth, just look at what happened at Standing Rock in 2016 & 2017, that was to SAVE the sacred waters of a tribe who KNOWS the power of the land, mixed with us and our animal kin, and Creator. It was because the waters of mother earth, our home, runs through veins of her body, creating her health and vitality too. We consume these waters of the land, and some of it comes through our homes, and when that water is poisoned by oil spills, agricultural chemical waste, chlorine and fluoride, what are we, as a collective human population, allowing to vibrate through our being that is our body and that of the earth?…

Toxicity. Destruction. Death. Sickness. 

Our waters are sacred, and that deeply includes the waters of our bodies. I highly recommend that you filter your water, and then take steps to remineralize it. This is the first step to making sure that YOUR bodily waters are tended to in the way that nature would tend to them. This also begins an awareness process, an honoring of the waters of this earth. You will see a spring differently after you are taking steps to nourish your bodily waters too. It will happen naturally and effortlessly, as you turn your attention to tending to your waters. Taking it a step further? Talk to your water as you fill your glass, or water bottle, infuse it with love, abundance and gratitude. The water that you consume will hold that vibration and then your body will too. 

After finding Veda Austin’s work on water a couple of years ago, I have fallen in love with this component of our health. It is so powerful, and yet again, simple too. Taking charge of your water intake in a mindful way like this, will reverberate out into the ethers of your being. Wait and see where this practice will take you… I can’t wait to hear.

Emotional Responses or Triggers…

YES. This is a big one, a hard one and really, the place I have needed a LOT of support with over the years (no shame in calling upon all the healers you need!) Humans are meant to be in community, in all facets, and being in community is not all rainbows and butterflies, it is work, devotion to self awareness AND transparency with others. This means not only working on your stuff, but working on the stuff that comes up through interactions with other human beings. Which happens to the best of us, which is EACH of us. Triggering experiences are a component of the emotional response of being human.

One of the best things that I learned, and thank goodness, I learned this years ago, was that emotions are MEANT to be felt. They are meant to be experienced, acknowledged and then released. Through this process, we are able to build not only nervous system vitality, which is where a lot of the subconscious experiences are held (our knee jerk reactions), but we are also building a body that holds waters FREE of dense, dark and unpleasant experiences, and emotional responses. When I say that trauma (big and little T) is held in the body, our waters show us that THIS is what is actually happening in our cells, this is where the emotions are HELD and where they will, absolutely, generate degenerative dis-ease. 

To move beyond this, and to heal from your past, again, takes time, practice and diligence. The above practices are going to encourage the mindful awareness that it takes to navigate your trigger responses, and to even be aware of them. AND I find that triggers, throughout the day, the things that make us mad, that someone else does, or says, are quite simple to see. Usually it is an automatic response that we don’t even take the time to understand, and that is because most of this is held in the subconscious mind, or body, which is the nervous system. 

Ignoring or denying these emotions are even relevant is truly the demise of your cells, people are so ept to simply blame the other person, but our response, the anger, anxiety, panic, or other array of emotional spectrum is OUR responsibility (another piece of this simple picture that makes it so difficult – self responsibility). The only being on this planet that we have control of is ourselves, truly. We can control what we put into our bodies, how we think, what media we consume, how we dress and carry ourselves through the world, how much activity we invest our time in, etc. It always comes back to you, and taking the responsibility for who you wish to create your being from.

So, we have decided to take that full responsibility, and we first pause (yes, lots of sacred pause here), and we see, from the perspective of our higher self, or soul self, the fact that our human is having a hard time in this moment, and we see the emotion. The second step is to simply observe it, we aren’t judging ourselves, or blaming ourselves, or the other person, we are simply sitting with the fact that our human, had an emotional response to an outside experience, and we pause again, take a slow deep breath. This is the acknowledging piece that our emotions are begging us to take, to simply SEE, the emotion happens, and let it be what it is. The third step is to honestly and truly feel into the origin of this emotion, and this is the tricky and harder piece of this process…

Sometimes it is deep, sometimes it is just surface, but either way, it is a thing to explore. Maybe you have a notepad with you, and you jot a quick couple of words down about this experience, and then you start to see patterns, maybe you need to cry, and if you are in a place where you can do that, please, do. Allow the acknowledgement of this experience flow through your body, and give love, and comfort to the piece of you who needs it most, is it a childhood experience? Or something that is happening at work, is someone offering degrading comments to you, at you, on a regular basis, at home maybe? These are the harder places to go and sometimes, AND they are the ones that need the healing most. 

Take more notes, bring this to your healers, and then the final step IN the moment is to MOVE your body. Release the emotion (even if it is just for the moment), lots of people dance, or shake, or roll their tongue in their mouth, or scream! Just MOVE it, in that moment, and remind yourself, your nervous system and your subconscious that you are safe (if you are not safe get away from the situation. Let this physical movement step be the first step to get you out of the unsafe situation, and skip ALL of the above steps until you are in a safe place). The great thing about this movement is you just CHOSE to release this emotion from the waters of your body, and come fully into divine alignment. 

Practice, and support…

Each of these steps and pieces of vitality are trackable and easily connectable. As you begin to focus your attention to these components of your life, so much will unfold in other areas. We have nervous system responses happening with everything that we do. It is about tuning into your mind surrounding these areas that begins to cultivate the mental awareness of mindfulness practices. 

This is how I am going to support you in your healing journey too. NONE of this is easy, breaking habits, taking on new trips through the grocery stores, or to your nearest natural spring source. And emotional triggers, ooooffffffffff, those are a sticky, and sometimes, depending on your levels of traumas, a dark place to hang out in. I needed support (and still call on my team of healers often). And if I am the healer for you, I have crafted a wellness program, and am going through a certification course, now, to be well rounded in holding space for you, as a client. SO, stay tuned as we continue to explore these vitality concepts together. 

I am BEYOND honored that you are here, my friend. I can hardly wait to help bring you into the perfect and divine alignment your body was built to hold.