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What is Vibrational Healing?

I have been spending a lot of time discussing and marinating on the concept of vibrational healing through herbs. Those of you who stick to my stories on Instagram have a lot of live and raw interpretation of what I have been discovering and developing in my healing practices over the last year and a half or so. But putting this into words, creates a whole different experience of this renewed idea, and I feel it is important too. When we hear vibrational healing, versus when we read about it. Reading about it forges avenues in our minds that really help this click into place. Reading is sort of a meditation, isn’t it. You can go places that your active brain cannot. 

What finally brought all of this into full fruition for me, is reading, devouring really, books By Dr. Tom Cowan, Yolanda Norris-Clark, Enna Reittort and Louise Hay, years ago, ones by Carolyn Myss, really the list goes on, but alas. Most recently I have paired my beginning phases of researching German New Medicine techniques into this blend. Each of these teachers hold deep knowledge of the mainstream idea of health, and spirituality. And, each of these individuals  have shifted over to the freedom side of human vitality through many different modalities, because the clarity of this being the way forward, became blatant. The concepts these, and many other teachers I have found along the way (how I LOVE podcasts) discuss, a complete 180 degree shift from the mainstream understanding of encapsulating what health care actually IS. The shift, I am seeing, is moving toward the core of what humans are truly capable of, as individuals, then pairing tools that offer these individuals the ability to completely heal on all levels; body, mind and spirit. 

Coming INTO Alignment…

There was a lot of challenge for me in rediscovering what health is and how it is attained and tended to. For reasons that are endless, how many paradigms I have had to break down since opening my brain to accepting this information, are vast.  Sure, I knew these concepts; body, mind and spirit all working together to BE a healthy human. Sure I knew diet was important, and of course taking herbs daily, and during certain times of the year especially, because of the tiny particles that were supposedly being passed between each of us. Sure having a devoted meditation and mindfulness practice, whatever that was for each person, was vital and important. Connection to spirit, IS connection to Creator, thus connection to our divine blueprint. All of this considered and you’ve got the whole container of health, right? 

Well, not so much apparently… I was looking at each of these pieces as individuals, the way that my training had led me to think. There is this, and that, and then you get health! But the reality of this power of a whole, and integrated system, is the melding of all three, fusing the intakes, to the mind, physical body, and spirit, all at once. 

Because of the years of devotion to these practices that I hold, the connection I had cultivated to body and mind is profoundly effective, I have shared stories with you all, and have countless more that I will save for another time. AND, through all of this, through infusing my remedies with this power, speaking and educating on the plants, and the foods we consume, I see my clients, customers, family members and community still getting sick. There are STILL chronic conditions of dis-ease circulating around everywhere. Even with the herbs. Even with healthy, clean, nature made foods. Even with meditation, activity, and movement practices. There is still acute and chronic sickness circulating rampantly, and I KNOW this can be shifted. 

So I allowed my mind to be blown wide open, to BE uncomfortable with the idea that maybe it really isn’t an invisible particle that is sickening us all. Maybe the toxic substances in our food, water and air aren’t the ENTIRE reason (though poisoning from these substances is real and essential to address). What if it was not just these separate components of vitality, but an absolute integration of these practices that create health. A belief system of the TRUE power YOU hold in your body, mind and spirit to BE the epitome of health.

Being comfortable in the Uncomfortable

This is what it takes to shift paradigms, I was SO uncomfortable with the idea that I had it, but not quite. That my education, formal and informal, had led me to places that weren’t exactly correct. This is where the paradigm shifts really happen. Taking all that I thought I knew, and getting to a point that maybe I really know nothing! How exciting and yes, how completely uncomfortable. But; this is where true change and magic happens, this is when the opening of ourselves to new information, new ways of being and cultivating new concepts REALLY takes hold. The key to health, the ‘code’ if you will, is there, simply ready for you to take ownership of it. 

As my ideas of what I thought I knew were disillusioned, I realized that the pieces I did have nailed down, the herbs, the food, the spiritual practices, were the answers, for sure, BUT they needed to be in COMPLETE harmony. They needed to be working as one, just as our bodies do, our bodies function as one magical system… There are a few kickers though, that I am dialing in, especially with regard to me, and my family, because that is what I have to really go off of. One, is trauma healing, big trauma and little trauma, the vibrational imprint and knee jerk reactions of these experiences are much more of a player into our sicknesses than really anything else. The vibration WE hold around our past, which leads to our habits, and our thoughts about and toward ourselves, and others. Is truly number one on the list of what affects our health.

Diving into the shadows of these dark places is essential, and yes, talk about uncomfortable. Our societal patterns tell us to ignore, or even align so deeply with these traumas that they BECOME you. When we break down that idea, the vibrational imprint of owning our traumas as our identity, what else would that create in a body, but dis-ease? And shoving it down, ignoring all the glorious feelings we are able experience as a human, shoving them deeper and deeper into the body. Also, creates a vibration of holding and becoming them. Revealing and experiencing these shadow sides of ourselves IS release.

Road Map to Vibrational Healing…

Second is a little more simple, but also related to habits, therefore it isn’t necessarily easy to shift, and that is what we are putting into our mouths. The vibrational imprint of what we put into our bodies; supplements, food, and water matters so much, because of that adage; You are What you Eat. The building blocks of life for human beings is what we nourish our physical bodies with. When these substances are ones that pretend to be food, ones with ingredient lists that take up inches of space on a tiny package, our bodies are being inundated with internal toxic waste. Simply because the body get stressed attempting to figure out what to do with this substance that is pretending to be food, but really, read by our nature made bodies, is simply not food. 

Opposing this synthetic, and mimicking food like substance, we get to nature made food, grown by humans who know they are providing true nourishment. These foods come from soils that are tended to with love, and care. Which creates a root vegetable that has a flavor spectrum you didn’t know existed for a carrot, or a beet, and a nutrient density to go with that palate. Lettuce feels hydrating on your tongue, and too, has flavor, where once was lacking. Flour that is stone milled, in small batches, to create a food that is alive, and a sourdough starter that overflows all over the counter (yes, I’m talking from experience here!). HERBS that enhance your body’s ability to THRIVE and build itself into something that holds health perfectly, and blooms for the long term, getting better with age.

Vibrational Healing – A Path of Devotion

I have to say, because again, my experience is truly what I have to offer you. These things aren’t funded in big studies, because it doesn’t make money. Did you know that I am nearing 40 years old? (young to some, I know) But my point is, no one would guess this. People just don’t  believe me when I say I have 20 years of herbalism under my belt, because they don’t think that is possible. My body is stronger, more resilient, and my skin is holding its bounce, so well. I feel better than I did in my 20s. All of this because, I am on the tail end of 2 decades of nourishing my body with all of the above, and more… and I am still learning how to make that even better. This devotion to health makes all the difference in the world. 

There is more, and I haven’t even touched on spiritual practices yet! Maybe we will save that topic for the next post… But this one needs to come through. What is the state of the water you are consuming? Is it out of a tap in the city? Is it mixed with food dyes and sweeteners in a plastic bottle? This sort of water is dead at best and completely saturated with toxic substances, like chlorine, fluoride, and in the city, especially, tap water is laced with hundreds of pharmaceuticals. I won’t even get into the waterways that leads to our homes and throughout… (mostly because I can’t go there in my mind, over our 110 year old house… pipes are disgusting!). These kinds of dead waters are bringing that vibration into your cells, your blood, and is what is holding your organs… think of the vibration that dead water creates within your being. From here, it isn’t a pretty picture. 

Water is a key source of vitality in our health journeys, it must be considered. I would love to say that I drink only spring water (when I am traveling, I do), but at home. I rely on the Berkey filter with crystals and rocks in the bottom. This, for my family, does the trick… The Berkey handles the chemicals that filter into the groundwater (hello, we live IN conventional farmland), and then the crystals and rocks that I have added into the base help, I think, to add that liveliness that comes from natural flowing spring water sources. If you have one near you, will give you the map. 


What implementing all of this into our lives takes is choice, what a glorious and damn hard thing to have as a human… the ability to CHOOSE. I have to ask… just to get you thinking… Do you want to be Cheetos and Doritos and Gatorade, or soda? Do you want to BE McDonalds and Pizza Hut? Even the boxed foods at health food stores are completely gnarly when you look at what makes that ‘food’ in the ingredient list. Really take a hard look at what you are purchasing for food, and ask, do I want to build my body from these things?

Seed oils, highly processed food like substances, additives and of course, lots of sweeteners. I’ll ask again, do you want to BE these food-like substances? How does it feel in your body to imagine creating your cells, and bone marrow with these kinds of foods? What picture do you see?

The choice factor is here, feel into this picture of your body’s building blocks for a second…  Gorgeous home grown lettuce, tomato, carrot and broccoli, What about the live food that IS raw milk and dairy products? The gorgeous grazing beef, turning sunlight into delicious fats and proteins through grass. Bacon cured with natural ingredients, and real salt, pork that was harvested, processed and frozen within days of being live (vs sitting in delivery trucks for weeks on end to finally make it to the grocery store coolers). Eggs that come from chickens eating bugs, and grass and weeds in the garden, soaking up vitamin D and making beautiful cholesterol to feed your brain.

Herbs growing in a wild garden space, or the forest floor, adding zest, hyper amounts of micronutrients and life to your meals. How does this picture vibrate in your body, especially in comparison to the first idea of food… For me, this is what I want to build a life with, This is what I know creates a human that is resilient, with lasting longevity. This is what feeds your natural body, a real and raw picture of nature made food and complimentary herbs.

Vibrational Healing and HERBS…

Speaking of herbs, where do they fit into this renewed picture of health? If elderberry isn’t doing what I was taught it was doing. Protecting our cells from outside invasions, and my thoughts, foods and waters are really what matters, how is elderberry helping my body, and why should I even take it? What is ginger doing? How about Osha root and Angelica? The answer is SO simple, and that is why I missed it for so many years. AND, the biggest kicker for my own ego, is that I have been saying it over, and over again, I still missed it. 

These plants help your body FUNCTION. Hard stop.

That is it. The chemical load, the ability for our bodies to handle what we are exposed to in this modern life is not what we are designed to be able to handle. So the body goes into overdrive, starts storing all sorts of junk, can’t deal with the metabolic wastes that are produced because of all this stress, and we get inflammation, leaky guts, brain fog, and then, after years of this, our organs just start to give up. 

Herbs are here to help the processes of vitality and longevity happen. They are here to revitalize your systems, so that when you are eating well, moving lots, minding what you put into your mind, and watching your thoughts, the herbs help the body, handle the rest of what is out there that we simply cannot control. The herbs are indeed meant to tonify and strengthen your body. So, elderberries are a powerhouse of antioxidants that help your immune system function, balance out inflammation, and nourish your body. All in one sweet capsule of a wild berry.

Ginger is strengthening your circulation, while increasing the penetration of the foods you are eating, and the water you are drinking. It is also helping the herbs circulate throughout your body more efficiently. Ginger is warming your body in all the right ways, and cooling at the same time. It is driving the vitality you are aiming toward.

Osha, oh baby, Osha is doing something similar, when it comes to circulation, but it is also saturating your body with up to 40% more oxygen. So your brain is clear, that divine gift of breath is enlivening your cells and your mind. Osha is creating a body that isn’t capable of being sick, because it is so well tended to, your divinely perfect body, that it remains in a state of homeostasis effortlessly.

Angelica is a real trip to watch play out, because SO many women, even those who are applying all of the above practices and integrating true health, still struggle with symptoms of PMS. Angelica takes care of those extra waste products that come from the body’s metabolic systems as well as the environmental toxic load. With all of this extra junk floating around in our bodies, the liver has a hard time keeping up. With angelica as an ally, the liver is strengthened in such a way that it becomes a powerhouse of clearing your blood, from the metabolic wastes of environmental stress, all the way to the hormones that may be left over from each cycle. By the time you are finished with your monthly cleanse, your blood is clear and fresh, ready to vibrate your being into the stars ( read more about this specifically HERE).

It’s so simple… right?

The catch here? It takes all of the above practices, to have the BEST effect come from the herbs. And you, as a human, have free will to do whatever you want, to make decisions at each moment as to what you choose to do with your health. You can BE the Cheetos if you want, and the substances that are pretending to be food in those Cheetos, make it even HARDER to say not to them. What a conundrum indeed. Choice and addiction.

It is not easy, health, and vibrational well being, it is indeed a practice. Which is why it is so difficult. Our societal mindset has been inundated with the idea that health and sickness comes from outside of you, and that, couldn’t be farther from our true nature and design. The vitality you seek, the pain free life you know is possible, that night of deep, restful sleep that you CRAVE and know you need, takes the devotion of every decision you make. Of what goes in, to create the body you are. 

So, while the answer is so simple, I completely GET why it is so damn hard to achieve. Sometimes I want the doughnut SO badly, that here and there I give in, but I also, have nearly 20 years of cultivating a practice of mindful eating, so it’s ONE here and there. Some days I want to get into all the nitty gritty of all the news and the craziness that is going on in the world, that I do, and I pay for it, through stress, anxiety, and worry for my family and our communities.  AND I have nearly 20 years of mindfulness practices, to turn me back around, before I tailspin into a nervous breakdown! I am human too. I am far from perfect, and it is as hard for me, just as it is for you. 

Practices MEAN Discipline

And this, my friends, is why practices are meant to be a discipline in your life. I bet our ancestors didn’t have to practice health. They just grew their food, and foraged and hunted off the land. They built their own homes, and made their own clothes from fibers they tended with their own hands to then harvest and process too. They were connected to each other and the land intrinsically, it was simply the way of life then. Innately connected to spirit, their intuition and their bodies.

We now have to have a practice of health, the day to day implementation of mindfulness when eating, awareness when taking supplements and herbs (because not all, at all, are created equally), and connecting to YOUR Creator, and the Earth in whatever way that is for you, as an individual, is the practice. This is what health freedom is. YOU taking radical responsibility for you, your family and the people you touch every day. I know that you can do this, because I am not some special human, I am just human, and I do it every day. 

A new Phase of Enchantment Creek is coming…

Here at the farmacy gardens, we are in the midst of a renovation… the Apothecary is getting moved onto a new foundation, and getting hard plumbing (goodbye drinking water hose, and filtration systems), and I am getting ready to invite in a new building all together. Where I will have space for the remedies, and some of my other favorite, high quality supplements that I believe in, and space for us to work together, to help you achieve optimal health and lasting vitality!

The new phase of Enchantment Creek is in the works, and full fruition, may be a while off, but it is coming! I can’t wait to fully serve YOU in your daily work toward lasting vitality beyond the herbs. As always, please reach out with questions, clarifications, ideas and all things health. I am here for you, because I want to see us all thriving, aging gracefully, and living into the full potential of the power you hold within your being. 

Big hugs my loves,