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Get RID of that Chronic Cough

Let’s talk about your lungs.

How are they breathing these days?

Are you feeling the leftover phlegm from winter?

Asthma or COPD?

Maybe even some chemical damage?

Once again, the plants come to the rescue.

Osha gone to seed… this is the time of harvest…

These lung complaints all boil down to the same issue…you not getting the oxygen you deserve.

This might feel like brain fog and lethargic afternoons along with the cough and phlegm.

With congested or damaged lungs, we aren’t getting the full inhale that our brains need, along with our bodies.

Maybe you’re relying on over the counter expectorants, and you cringe when you look at the ingredients… guess what? You don’t HAVE to!

These OTC expectorants are only eliminating the symptoms. Stressed and damaged lung tissues exist in a state of imbalance. where the over producing mucus is intended (and a natural process) to soothe. Over producing mucus to soothe, which is what we want, but when that is a chronic state, what we end up with is hacking coughs that don’t go away.

The overproduction of phlegm creates a cold, damp constitution in the lungs which settles in and is very difficult to get rid of. this is your chronic cough.

Cold and damp is like a swamp in your lungs. Yes, it’s that gross.

Pond scum and all, cold damp places, grow all sorts of gooey things that you wouldn’t want to take a dip in. Even your toes…

Yes, our lungs need moisture, but excessive moisture leads to this swamp-like environment.

When you don’t address this underlying issue, all the OTC expectorants in the world won’t clear you up for good.

To get this scum cleared out, we need to add al little heat, a bit of dry and a whole lot of circulation.

Osha root is like a dry sauna for your swampy lungs. 

This powerful root, warms up the body, encourages circulation and creates the environment that perfectly strengthens an overly exhausted system.

The lungs become clear, strengthened in their vitally, producing the perfect amount of mucous for them to stay happy. The hacking cough becomes productive and before you know it, it’s gone.

I love my osha for all of these issues. Coming from the damp Pacific Northwest, I tend to have gnarly colds settle into my lungs. Bronchitis was a yearly issue for me growing up.

I learned about osha from the mountains of Wyoming. Did I move here *just* for a plant? Not quite ???? but I must say, this root was a big motivator.

This plant is a powerful healer and one of my most popular remedies, it’s a powerhouse of vital lung support… Studies have shown this plant increases lung capacity by up to 40%, holds potent antiviral properties and supports healthy circulation and immune responses.

I love it when we can find the scientific reason behind all the plants, and this one has loads of research, as one of it’s cousins is a popular remedy found in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Seeing the results in clinical research is fun and exciting, we can see why our ancestors relied upon these plants for generations before Allopathic Medicine practices took hold.

Another relative that loves this plant is the Grizzly Bear, you can see them digging the spring root up and muching away. the theory is that the bears eat on some spring osah

I am not going to pretend like chronic conditions like Asthma and COPD are going to absolutely VANISH with one remedy. Some people do have this magical cure with a plant ally, but you know what they generally have in common? They are DEVOTED To eating well, drinking live water, exercising and maintaining healthy stress responses.

When it comes to chronic health conditions, including getting sick all the time. The WHOLE human must be taken into consideration. Without this component of health, you are only going to ever get so far. How is your sleep? Are you eating foods that nourish your body or are they just calories… empty?

Healthy sleep and eating habits are a big piece of shifting your health for the long run. Inflammatory conditions lead to things like hypertension and autoimmune diseases flaring up. We must take a long, hard look into our lives to really see the root of our health issues. Food is the best starting point. When you eat from a bag, or a box, you are eating food like substances. Maybe there are nutrients on the Nutrition Facts Labels, but what about the ingredients list?

Getting into this is where we find the root imbalance of most health complaints. Many added ingredients in food like substances that come from a box, are highly inflammatory, meaning they cause an immune response in the body that settles in as excess heat in our joints, digestive system and circulatory systems. The immune system goes into over drive mode, essentially attacking our bodily systems because the inflammatory responses say the body is in trouble.

This leads swiftly to chronic health conditions.

By making sure we are eating foods that nourish, we know that a huge portion of chronic health complaints are eliminated, and we can watch not only the weight fall off our bodies, but the issues we were experiencing will begin to fade into the background.

With your diligence in taking ECT, while also maintaining good sleep, and steering clear of inflammatory foods, this dry sauna called Osha will give your lungs the relief you are looking for.

Expect Clarity offers the perfect blend of herbs to get you balanced out, while maintaining the perfect moisture levels your lungs are looking for. 

Feel that oxygen nourishing your body again. The vibrancy of your brain and the power of purity.

Expect the clarity your lungs deserve…

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