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Small Batch Herbal Remedies MATTER…

Looking for results from your Elderberry tonic products but not getting them?

Your colds are promised to be shorter, with the remedies you’re taking, but being stuffed up for a week doesn’t cut it as “short” to you.

It is SUPER frustrating to be promised a result and not see it come to fuition.

You *hear* people who swear by the best elderberry supplements, but the stuff you get at the health food store, or order on… Amazon ????doesn’t deliver the magic that you’ve heard of.

These 3 or 4 day colds, or ones that vanish altogether seem like a unicorn… 

There are REAL reasons these products aren’t delivering and unicorn elderberry elixirs do exist!

First of all, you’ve got to look PAST the supplement facts box… Dive straight to the ingredient list… IF you see glucose syrup as the first ingredient listed. Put it back, other fillers too. Don’t click buy now!

Look a little further, where is elderberry tincture on that list? I’ve seen it as low as 5th or 6th.  This, my friend, is your concentration level… when elderberry tonic and other plants are that low, you are hardly getting a hit of what these plants have to offer.  

Buying from a massive corporation is the difference between a Kia and a Mercedes… when you want the best, you go for it.

Maybe that bottle from Whole Foods (aka Amazon in hiding) is saving you $5, but it’s costing you the results you are after. These big box store purchases are the Kia, maybe they look cool, and save you money, but are the promises long lasting?

When you purchase small batch elderberry tincture blends you are getting the Mercedes. Long lasting class, that can be passed down through the generations… but. don’t expect a bottle to last you that long 😉

When comparing ingredients, you want to see the plants at the top of the list. And definitely not glucose or other syrups… 

Hello, it’s me, I’ll explain what I do for the best elderberry elixir you can get! (One of them any way!) FRESH PLANTS!! Is step one to creating a Mercedes grade Elixir. All of the plant materials I work with, not only come directly from the farm or other wild spaces in the local vicinity, they are processed within hours of being harvested.

Fresh plant material, grown and tended to with love and mindful actions, gets an extract that is pure and powerful.

Next, is the sweetener, Raw Local Honey is near to the bottom of the list of ingredients. It is a component of my Elixir, sure, but we aren’t RELYING upon it to carry the plants. Just an added bonus, like those heated leather seats! Syrups only add to inflammation in the body, when you are sick, your immune system is already in overdrive, flooding your body with sugar only increases that inflammatory response by spiking blood sugar levels and sending the immune response into absolute overdrive.

Lastly, a true elixir gets you ALL of the available plant chemicals, which are varying, some like to be extracted with water, others alcohol, and some are best juiced fresh… Tincture, Water, Juices and Honey make up a truly Holistic Elixir.  

When you get these sorts of blends into you body, the results are epic.

Take your herbs like an Herbalist and the expectation of vitality and wellness will last.