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Peganum Harmala a direct connection to the divine feminine

Your path with Peganum harmala – Syrian Rue

Your path with Peganum Harmala and how this works into the magic of the Divine Feminine. Learn Meditation techniques & more!
Peganum harmala flower.
Photo Cred: Flower Pictures.Org

Evoking the Divine to unveil your Path

Your path with Peganum Harmala is an herb that takes you into itself.  Surfacing the spiritual body it holds within itself into your own cells.   The warm, sensation of our Peganum harmala evokes the divine nature within the plant body into your body.  Taking this plant is an automatic link to your Crown Chakra. In Ayurveda the Crown Chakra is a direct link to the divine powers of the universe, god, creator.  Purple flows through this Chakra as representation of the energies of the divine powers.  

Your path with Peganum Harmala and how this works into the magic of the Divine Feminine. Learn Meditation techniques & more!
The symbol of the 7th Chakra – the Crown

As I meditate I usually connect quickly with a spiraling purple glow through my minds eye.  Watching this spiral shift into shapes of birds of prey, plants, trees & cycling back to the spiral.  I am able to connect visually & spiritually to the purple hue of divine energies. Your path with Peganum Harmala shifts this connection in a profound way.  A veil of purple. Shades of purple I have never seen before mask my entire visual field. A wall of divine energies. No need for shapes or forms.  Only to see what this goddess of a plant holds within her own being. Pure, perfect divine energies.  

Personal Meditation with Peganum

Finding your Your path with Peganum Harmala is a powerful experience.  Meditative & enlightening. As of late, I have been going through unfamiliar territory.  I was injured early in the year. Leaving my Left Arm completely useless. As a left handed person, farmer & rancher in the middle of calving season.  I was struggling. Not to mention the fact that there is possibility of tearing in my rotator cuff.

As a 30 something person… this is not a normal injury.  Impending long term damage & another 6 week checkup with a surgeon. This territory is completely foreign to me. I have never been injured in my life. My mind has been spinning over this.  Anxiety. Stress. Worry… As I strive to do, I turned to my meditation practice after this unnerving news came to me.

Your path with Peganum Harmala and how this works into the magic of the Divine Feminine. Learn Meditation techniques & more!
Meditation – Mindful action through calming the mind listening to the body.

Peganum spoke clearly.  WE are our bodies. Our bodies are the ones who are truly experiencing this life.  Our minds are not the ones experiencing life. But out bodies are. Breath is divine energy, which is love.  Love is what drives our bodies to exist with one simple mechanism of breathing. We fill our bodies with oxygen which feeds all of our cells with blood.  Our minds can tell us all we want. Act like the driver & force of our operation. But the body is TRULY what is experiencing life. 

I let this sink into myself.  Realizing, yes. My body is here.  My mind keeps me away from here by swirling in worry.  Self doubt & sometimes pity. But what will keep me moving through?  My body.  

Listening to the Body

By turning the mind over to the body.  Listening to the body first. We can move through all obstacles that are thrown our way.  We tune into divine messages this way. Meditation begins the shift from Mind to body. Our Your path with Peganum Harmala is awakened as we realize where to focus our thoughts.  How to nourish our bodies through this shift. When we are encouraged not to push ourselves… this is why.

Listening to my shoulder these days. What my body needs.  When it feels good or when it doesn’t. I used to climb mountains in the winter. In a way I was addicted to the adrenaline of this life. My body SCREAMED at me that it was in pain.  I was hurting, but my MIND pushed me through. Get to the summit! Keep up with the group! Your feet will feel ok when you get home. Go. Push. Move. My mind was dictating my body while it protested in agony.

Your path with Peganum Harmala and how this works into the magic of the Divine Feminine. Learn Meditation techniques & more!
Divine energies of listening to the body, slowing down the mind to quiet.

Now.  Years later.  My yoga practice is my regular exercise.  My body feels nourished after a session. Yoga & meditation energize my body, though when sometimes going into practice my mind feels tired…  I push that away knowing that after an hour of mindful, meditative, yoga practice. I am filled with a nourishment that is unlike any other. When I work in my greenhouses & garden.  The days I spend foraging in the hills for medicine & food. My mind turns off, and my body is nourished. I sleep soundly at night. Tired is different than the agony of pushing through the body to please the mind.  

How does this link you to Your path with Peganum Harmala?

People ask a lot of the time what it means to be on your path.  How do we even find what our path is. How do we know we are on it? These questions can be torturous to answer.  Making our ‘path’ something that is far off in the distance. Something we are unable to grasp. This is where I find working with the spiritual aspects of plants through meditation allows us to get closer.  The plant connection works with our bodies, spirits, & souls to understand & enlighten what a path may be to us. Leaving our minds, to find ourselves through nourishing our bodies. 

We’ve been exploring a lot what it means to meditate with plants this is Your path with Peganum Harmala.  How calming the mind down, quieting our thoughts allows for a different realization to trickle into our consciousness.  We begin to turn into our bodies. This realization starts to come as we simmer the thoughts down in this way. The way we call meditate.  As we slow our minds. We are able to grasp how to answer the questions that seem unattainable. We grasp them through the cells of our bodies. 

Questions to Ask…

How do the symbols that are coming through resonate with your heart?  What emotions are being brought to the surface as these subtle messages start to get louder.  How do you see yourself moving forward with the signs through meditation… When does your mind turn off & your body lead the way?  This is where the answer of our path starts to be made clear.  

Your path with Peganum Harmala is the true work of meditation. When we come from these very quiet urges of the body and soul.  As you continue to awaken this part of your listening capabilities. Ask the above questions.  Then, next week, ask them again. Listen to the answers through your body. This is where the divine messages will speak to you most clearly.  When the mind is quiet. The body, filled with the love of the universe, creator or God through breath.