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Season of Imbolc – Cleaning out the Shadow

Let’s find a new way to celebrate the old times…

Concepts in understanding that we are always provided for by the land. Taking the time to Forage our food and Medicine throughout the seasons keeps us connected to the rhythms of nature. And, aware that even though we may slow down in the winter time, we can still be enriched and enlivened in the crisp air. Saturating our hands in the flowing resins, as the stirring of the spring season of Imbolc begins.

We may slow down in the winter time, while enlivened in the crisp air. As the stirring of the spring Season of Imbolc begins.
Resin of the Poplar (Cotton wood trees) Nature’s Aspirin

The winter wild harvesting season is not only deeply satisfying for my soul. It also enlivens the idea of abundance that we have all around us. Even throughout the winter months. During this time, is not a simple task to feel the vitality that our Earth is offering us. This idea that there is nothing around, the energy of scarcity is one that sources from the constructs of our modern society. When I am wild harvesting, in Wyoming, during the coldest months of the year. I am reminded that this idea of scarcity, is simply, false.

We have come away from nourishing our lives through these cycles. the Spring Season of Imbolc reminds us to reconnect…

Our existence here on this Earth through the seasons of mother nature. The seasons of the cosmos, as well as our own bodily cycles. When we are in the winter season and then take the time to notice that we are shifting into the time of Imbolc. The celebration that the first signs of spring are here.

Back when we didn’t have grocery stores, the realizing that spring is coming, as a glorious light. We can see the light coming back in the mornings. Babies on the farm are being bor. Buds on the trees are fully saturated with their resin of protection for the winter months. We might even begin to see baby birds or hear them chirping throughout the afternoon as they warm themselves in the sun. We might even notice the icicles forming around our houses. The snow is melting but the nighttime temperatures are still cold enough to express itself in hardened form. Water showing up again to refreeze in the form of ice crystals and cracks in the ponds and lakes.

Just by simply reconnecting to these cycles of nature…

By taking a few moments to step away from the constant busyness that our modern society encourages. When we remove ourselves from this, just to remember that we are of nature. In the same way that the seasons offer a connection to Nature. We begin to see how easily this can show up throughout our lives.

In remembering that the morning is a beautiful time to dream and enliven our plans for the day. Then, throughout the day as we connect with the vibration of the Sun. How much we accomplish & nurture into creation.  The vibrancy of our bodies connecting to our creation magic match the potency of spring and summer. Then, as we wane into the evening time, tying up projects, finishing loose as we start to wind down, and harvest our days work.

the Spring Season of Imbolc mirrors the late summer and fall of the season.

When we come in the evening home. To our cozy dens. We watch the light fade and digest what was produced throughout the day. We might cook a nourishing meal, while sipping some hot tea. Wind down with a good book, a meditation session, or yoga. Maybe even a nice cool evening walk as the light fades away. This is the composting time. The rest of deep winter.

All of these cycles that we move through are tools to

reconnect with that natural rhythm of the earth. And when we take the time to acknowledge it, we only engrain our attention deeper into that cyclical living sphere. We’re able to detach from a constant, pushing sensation of our modern society. The vibration that tells us we only have time to create. That we only have time to produce. The voices that say we don’t have time to stop.

We may slow down in the winter time, while enlivened in the crisp air. As the stirring of the spring Season of Imbolc begins.
The Girls are getting going again…

But that is farthest from the actual truth. By connecting to these rhythms throughout each day. We are able to really feel and integrate into our bodies that we are indeed natural beings. We do indeed deserve rest and rejuvenation time throughout the days. Through the months and the year.

Winter wild harvesting in beginning of February is usually my first time back out into nature. I have rested through the deep and dark winter. Rejuvenated my body and have dove deeply into the shadow realms of my psyche.

I have looked at all of the areas of my life that could be tweaked or completely erased from. Day to day habits and thought patterns. To belief systems and judgements I hold.

So that, by the time I am first touching Nature made medicines of our Earth again I have open spaces to fill with intuition & guidance from the plants. Imbolc lights the way, in early February to come really hold how much restful nourishment was done through winter. Spring is coming again, and I am ready to plan for the coming planting season. My body & soul are rejuvenated for the nearing time of growing, that will lead to the harvest. Winter harvesting in February, reminds me, that I am ready to show up again in my full vibrancy again.

It is because I have cultivated a time of rest and nourishment.

My meditation work, & rituals from Samhain and winter solstice. Then flowing Into the beginning of the calendar year, have created something potent from the deep state of rest.  Having these rituals in place, creates a container to deeply listen to my body.

I have taken naps, and done deep meditations. As well as having an abundance of bath time. Honestly, hardly going outside as a farmer, during this time is incredibly important. It creates the space to address what was working and thriving in the Apothecary and the gardens, and to amplify that. While also recognizing what needs to be discard.

Ceremony is my deep dive into the shadow. it lines me up for a prosperous spring and summer season.
Deep ceremony is my process…

Taking the time for deep listening in the composting time of winter to take a good hard look into what is no longer feeding this path for me as well as Enchantment Creek and the Farm. The renewal of Imbolc is that much more glorious when it comes after this time. I am able to see the medicines forming & show up to the poplar buds with wholehearted excitement.

The connection that comes from that is priceless.

Then Imbolc comes and it comes with a flood. Dreams & visions for the future of the Farm & the Apothecary flow. The connection to my intuition flourishes and the messages from the plants are clear as snow. Feeling the messages of the tree saturating my body.

When we take the time to dive into the shadow. To recognize that nourishing rest is essential to our movement forward. The act of composting that which is no longer serving our mission here. Working with the energies of winter to detach from things that are no longer serving our path. We create space in our bodies for the truth of who we are to flood in.

By not holding the heaviness of the previous year in our cells. Putting them into the compost pile creates a space of fertilization for the coming Season of Imbolc.

Cultivating this space inside of our bodies to create again. This is the modern version of Imbolc. The beginning of our internal spring coming to full expression in alignment with our soul path. This is what will allow this earth to thrive.

We may slow down in the winter time, while enlivened in the crisp air. As the stirring of the spring Season of Imbolc begins.
Eggs returning to the Coop was a glorious gift in ancient times…

With this new expression of the Spring Season of Imbolc, through the lens of our ancestors, we are reviving the ancient ways of living on this earth in balance. With ancient systems in place, we can fully rebuild a new structure that nourishes our Earth as we live here in harmony.

We have the blessings of technology but working with this blessing as a tool. Not a vice or a void that we throw our lives into.

We can have all sorts of linear models that allow us to still be in the cyclical rhythms of nature while we move through this life.

The winter wild harvesting season has begun, and with it, the Spring Season of Imbolc. At the culmination of the resting and rejuvenation time of the darkness. We have once again officially recharged the Sun and her vitality.

At this time of Imbolc, we see baby animals showing up in the barn. Chickens are laying their eggs again. Cheese and butter are being made in the kitchens & in our greenhouses, the plants are beginning to stir again.

The sun and her vitality have come back to bless us with the abundance and prosperity, which is the promise of spring.

Calving Season, even in modern times, aligns wit the ancient cycles of nature...
Calves make it all good, all the time…