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How to Shift your Habits with Herbal Remedies

How to Shift your Habits with Herbal Remedies

As we find ourselves in the New Year again. I want to address shifting your Holiday eating habits and shift your habits with herbal remedies. We can form habits very quickly and break them just as fast too! I always notice a huge influx of people wanting to completely change their lives. New Years Resolution lists that are 20 items deep. What we ask of the new year is a lot. We take our holiday eating habits and expect them to completely change overnight. There is also so much advertising that goes toward products that offer you the quick fix. Or the one pill does it all! The wonder drug, and diet that will have you loose 10 pounds in a week.

We see the magical weight loss plans for 10 days. Advertisements for supplements and tablets and pills that will completely change our lives just by taking them. BUT we can easily shift your habits with herbal remedies

Every single grocery store, and health food store have their supplements on sale. And we buy into it each year. Only to go for 3 days on this new way of living. Fall off the wagon and crash & burn. All this New Year’s push is cultivating an idea that shifting a habit, even a short-lived one, is easy. Painless, and will happen with the snap of your fingers.

We have some of the BEST and most delicious digestive bitters!
We have some of the BEST and most delicious digestive bitters!

The reality of this shifting back to normal from holiday standards is not easy. And, it takes diligence, awareness, and mindful action. There are many ways that we can incorporate our plants to help this shift occur more seamlessly. We can work with the plant medicines that we already have in our lives. To reclaim the state of balance we strive for.

My favorite way to shift away from a newborn dietary habit is with digestive bitters. I am no different from anybody else. My family spends a lot of time in the holiday season baking. And I love bringing out the ancestral recipes that my grandma used to make. And I get very used to, and sucked into those delicious Christmas goodies. So ecited for the curds, cookies, fudge and puddings that will soon fill up my refrigerator. Sure, I send some to my neighbors, friends and family. But we get sucked into the sweet season just as easily as the next person. Sweet treats this time of year satisfies. Plain and simple.

But! We have to catch ourselves if we want to maintain the health that we have within grasp throughout the year. It is simple when you shift your habits with herbal remedies!

AND! The good news is, as fast as we bring in a new habit, we can break that habit! All it takes is a little bit of diligence and mindfulness throughout our days. Working with those plant extracts, teas and throwing in some out of season salads.

Digestive bitters are a subject that I am very active in speaking about. For so many reasons, which I could digress into. But let’s stick with what happens when we simply activate the Vagus nerve. If you haven’t already, read my article on the Vagus nerve. I would suggest that you go and check it out. You will FULLY understand why this nerve bundle is VITAL to our digestive health. And, from the modern diet standpoint, it is a very neglected nervous bundle. With an incredible power. Especially when it comes to our digestion.

Plants have the magic inside to nourish our digestion & the potent ability to shift your habits with herbal remedies
Plants have the magic inside to nourish our digestion & the potent ability to shift your habits with herbal remedies

When we are feeding our microbiome starchy, sugary, carb-filled Christmas goodies. We are essentially training our gut, and our mind, that these are the foods that we want. These are where we are getting our nourishment. We are creating a habit within a habit through our digestive system. This manifests in food cravings very easily. Just after a few short weeks we have a brand-new re-experienced habit of holiday eating. And our gut bacterium are sending the signals! You can easily shift your habits with herbal remedies!

Because our microbiome and our brain chemistry work in the way they do. They take on their own idea of what they want. But we can bring them back into balance just as easily and as quickly as we fell out of balance. Think of it as  a simple training strategy. We can see ourselves shift back to the way of eating that we know will nourish our health in the long run.

With bitters!

The mindful action that it takes, is having your digestive bitters at hand. Whenever you are getting a food craving you are going to retrain your gut, and your brain to love the fresh delicious and nourishing foods you normally eat. Work with the bitters before meals, or after. And during the day when you notice yourself staring too long at the plate of cookies in the break room. Pop a dropper full or two of your digestive bitters into your mouth and watch as that craving melts away.

As you put the digestive bitters into your body into your mouth instead of the sugary delicious goodies. You will begin to retrain your gut. Excite your nervous system to love your digestive bitters instead of the goodies. This is how we shift our holiday eating habits BACK into balance!

Herbal remedies for Balanced a Diet for the WIN!

This is a simple and effective way to readjust. And come back to balance. While ringing in the new year with long-lasting dietary habits. Many of you are already taking digestive bitters on a regular basis. This is another way to work with your herbs. Not only are you going to be enticing your gut to love something of nature. But you are going to shift back into your regular eating routine with ease and grace. We can make our New Years shifts long lasting simply and with nature. Let’s shift our holiday eating habits back into balance!

Thank you for reading, share this article with a friend if you feel so inclined!

Big green blessings my friend!