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Vibrational healing – it isn’t about raising your vibe…

YOU are designed to be living and thriving in your own vibration. High or low, middle grade or ear piercing. Each of us holds a different vibration, just like each plant, animal and fungi emit their own frequency.

This idea of frequency and vibrational medicine is something that I have been clued into for a while. But how in the hell… am I to explain something that is so intangible into the realm of communication… the translation doesn’t hit easliy.

Sure there are energy medicine videos, and scientists explaining how the body of a plant responds to the frequency of a bee… have you seen that clip??

Amazing… here it is if you don’t know what I am talking about… This depicts energy, vibration and frequency responses of two living beings interacting with one another beautifully. Magic.

And truly, thinking of this as magic, is what I think, disconnects us from it. We see it as beyond our capacity. We are just humans, after all, right?

NO. Wrong.

Being human is fundamentally nature, spirit, consciousness, and magic all in a sophisticated being of decision making and power.

Body mind connection is where the real magic happens…

And with this power, comes the necessity to act with it and for it….

I have been in a research track for just about a year now, exploring what this truly means for medicine and human health. 

After some magic of my own happened while I was pregnant with Sawyer, paired with knowing that I am not truly that unique of a human, I wanted to understand what this power was inside of me, and what it was inside of us all. 

The story real quick, because it is quite powerful, was about my blood pressure in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Not a great place to be, at 37 years old, pregnant with my first baby, the conventional model would have thrown red flags like CRAZY. BUT another blessing I had, was working with an independent midwife who also knows the power of the human body/mind connection. (very helpful in this case!). My normal BP is VERY low, alarmingly so to the conventional healthcare model. And it was slowly, and surly rising. 

We decided, as a team, my midwife and I, that we didn’t like this and put all ‘pathologizing’ aside, ready to fix this situation. And we did.

She told me to do what I do best, work with food, herbs and my body/mind connection.

So I did. 

On my daily walks I came up with this mantra… or a version of it at least…

I would talk to my heart from my soul self, so, third person, out loud, ‘Heather, your heart is strong, your blood vessels are handling this extra blood in pregnancy perfectly. Your heart is a powerful vessel and all of your vessel walls are strong…” there was more to this mantra as I repeated it each day, and started talking to all my organs in this way. 

The magic? 2 weeks later, at my next appointment, my BP was down and by the time I gave birth, 1 month later, I was at my normal, incredibly low BP reading. 


Really, I don’t think it was. What I know it to be now, is the power of the vibration and frequency of our thoughts and the connection of the body and mind to create health, and vitality. 

And the best part of all?

YOU can do this too. You can decide to devote yourself to your health through your thoughts, actions and what you choose to put into your body. 

Invisible particles are not out to get you. 

But toxic chemicals and thoughts are indeed out there to cause harm to all natural, divinely created systems. 

The trick is simple, and incredibly hard…

TRUE, life long health and vitality takes a certain substance – Devotion.

The frequency of devotion will penetrate your entire life, once implemented. You will start reading ingredients like the wild woman (or man) that you are. You will seek out relationships with your local food producers and find community that supports this. Each day, your house will become clearer and more vibrant through and through.

Unplugging those fragrance things… and your WiFi, then ditching those fragrance boosters for your dryer?? (I could hardly believe that was a thing until I saw them at Costco…)

Anyway… Each day, the vibration of devotion will continue to saturate, vibrational vitality of you and your family’s health, and soon will penetrate your entire being through and through. 

It truly is what happens as time goes on. 

I am nearly 20 years deep in this realm. All the health deterioration things that I was told would happen to me by older friends and family members, simply have not happened. I am 2 years away from 40, and even I have a hard time believing that, because I feel better than I did at 25 when I had just scratched the surface of this journey.

And we ALL have the power to do this. 

YOU are a magical force of divine creation too. All you have to do is unlock your potential and DEVOTE yourself to it. 

This is going to be a series of writings for you guys… I am getting so inspired by the prospect of the upcoming retreat and paired with what I am finding in my research as of late, that it is fueling something different for the way I talk about health and vitality.

I am going to discuss some stuff that is more controversial than I am even comfortable with. But the time has come. We are going to get into how herbs really help to heal your body. Why fresh, local food is so important, and how FEAR is your biggest contender in deteriorating your health. 

I am so honored you are here, let’s blow the doors to lasting vitality wide open, together!