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Don’t forget your Wellness Tools…

Part 1

Something I want to share with you all, is YOU have all the answers for your health. Whether that be spiritual, mental, or emotional, the answers are ALL inside of your physical and soul bodies. When we take the time to find them, and cultivate relationship with these tools, magic happens every single day. Same happens when we forget to use them, we are reminded of the magic and pain of the shadow side of our human egos, so, please, don’t forget your wellness tools… How can we cultivate relationship to them, or even find them at all? This is a big subject and I feel it will be best addressed over a couple of postings here. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Do we have to slow down to receive these tools?


Does it take a formal ‘practice’ to receive them?


That is the best, and newest part for me. That we don’t have to have a formal, even semi formal practice of meditation to bring these tools into our lives. Pre baby me would sit for at least 30 minutes per day, if not a full hour to meditate. This has become quite impossible, as I am lucky to get 15 minutes per day to sit and clear my mind. Usually, if I do get this, I am just drooling on the couch as my brain numbs for a bit. This idea of ‘non practice’ has come through from a new sort of teacher, enna riettort, and I am OBSESSED…

The truth of it all, is simple. Our soul wants to help us, just like the ancestors, and we simply have to ask, then of course, take the time to open ourselves to receive the answers. They come, no matter what.

This has to do with all practices of wellness, too. Our spiritual endeavors alongside our physical nourishment. To know what medicines are right for you, physical bodies and soul bodies, have the answers. The answers are, indeed, quiet and must be come to from a place of calm, and correct tuning, but when you find that place, the one that pulsates from that soul place, they are loud and clear as a crisp day at the top of a mountain.

Which plants are right for you, and foods are right for you? This is highly personal because EACH of us is unique. What works for me, may not work for you, but I might tune you to a piece of what works for me that is perfect for you. This is why I always reiterate that I do not hold the answers for all. Nor do I know all, it is simply the plants speak through me and I offer them out to you. The pieces that match what your soul is begging you for, is what really matters.

We have been DRILLED for letteral centuries that outside authorities are the ones who hold the answers for these spaces of vitality. When the truth of it all is, YOU hold the answers for your own vitality. You just have to take the clues and work with them.

Those outside authorities are only speaking and drilling into you (if you allow it) what has also been dictated to them. Does this feel like a one size fits all situation? It probably does, because it is, and how often does a cookie cutter protocol of health (and remember, I am talking about WHOLE body health, spiritual, mental, physical health) work out for the entirety of a community? I know that when I look at these mass treatment plans, I see a mirror of massive variations in effectiveness, and effects.

I see this with the herbs too, some people LOVE Valerian Dreams, others are obsessed, quietly too, with California Poppy, others need an entire cocktail, sleep tea and ritual to go along with the tinctures, when it comes to finding dream land. All are effective, both herbs are powerful connectors to sleep and dreams, and all the variations in-between are the variations of human…, and each method is because of the fitting to different nervous systems, and what the soul needs to find TRUE rest. Sometimes dreams are disruptive to a person who really just needs sleep.

It matters to listen to your soul first, so you know where to go. And what in the HECK do I mean? Well, it has become clear to me that the channel I am always referring to truly is our spirit team of ancestors and most of all, the soul being that we ARE. Your intuition, that quiet voice who just KNOWS stuff, that your human KNOWS when they don’t listen to this whisper… things get a little funky, right? THIS quiet voice is your soul, but you know, sometimes it has to yell at us!

Have you heard of muscle testing? This is a subtle vibration method of feeling into a body. Usually, a practitioner tests your body’s response to a certain herb or supplement, maybe even treatment to get on the right track for that subtle vibrational field of therapy. When it is done through the soul, it is a highly effective tool. The effect is coming from this soul body, when we are tuning into it properly.

But let’s get back to that human brain thinking it knows the answers more. Feeling into the difference of your human brain and your soul mind is a key factor in knowing what tools are for you and which ones aren’t. My human brain usually wants what is best and most comfortable for my ego. For simplicity sake, I want this thing because it is easy, right? The instant gratification factor, the quick fix – afternoon coffee or afternoon nap? We KNOW which one our human brain wants… because of all the things we ‘have to do’. But our soul, knows the physical body NEEDS a nap. How often do we choose, nap? I know that I usually go to coffee in this circumstance, especially in this new phase of young motherhood. BUT! If i do this too many days in a row, I am a buzzing, overstimulated mess, you feel me, right?

The magic happens when we listen to that subtle energy of the whispering nap… Give in to the knowing of longer term satisfaction, I know that when I even just lay on the couch, or drift a bit with Sawyer while he goes down for his afternoon nap, I get up with a rev in my body that is seriously powerful. I don’t even remember that I NEEDED that coffee, I am just charged up, ready to tackle a few things on my ‘to-do’ list. MAGIC!

This is how we know we have hit on a tool of our soul body. When we give into these subtle, maybe less comfortable, or habitual things that gives us the feeling of YES. That long term satisfaction vs giving into the instant gratification that our human ego tricks us into thinking it is a need. When you get right down into it, that need is a want of the material fields. And remember, we are looking for tools of the subtle bodies that will fuel our human into the vitality of our soul path.

The whole reason these tools are floating around in the ethereal realm is because they belong to the place we all came from. The place of our soul, and when we get here, into the dense material plane of earth, where we have to hone a skill that out there is our natural state, it takes diligence and cultivation of relationship to grasp these tools fully.

Each time you find one of your perfect vitality tools, using it is the next step in achieving balance of the physical, and spiritual body that you are. Working with them more and more, your soul path becomes as natural as it was when you were only that; a soul. Each of us came here for a reason, to achieve a component of healing the human existence on earth. As I have worked and cultivated relationship to the whole body of my human, these tools have become essential to my daily living; mindfulness, awareness of the strings of words I create, watching my emotional responses, knowing how my body purges stress, and holds stress, paying attention to synchronicities, and the ques from mother earth and the material realm as to how to move forward. Even Enchantment Creek has a collection of tools that I follow.

When the relationship is put aside, even for a few days, the reality I have brought toward me, that I truly do love (with all of it’s strife too) crumbles quite rapidly, and when I slip into old patterns of unaware behavior, turmoil follows quickly. It’s strange, isn’t it, that the relationship with my tools of vitality, especially those of the ethereal realms, will abandon me with almost frustration toward the human. Sort of like neglecting your house plants, they die quite quickly, don’t they?

UGH the pain! But, this pain is a big piece of ‘Don’t forget your Wellness TOOLS”. It’s how we learn to find them in the first place, it’s why we need them all along.