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BEST Arnica salve for Pain

Arnica salve has a strong reputation in holistic health care. Massage therapists, Athletes, even Surgeons use it regularly. Each of these realms of work are asking the same thing of this woodland flower… Pain relief please! We also, are looking for relief of swelling, bruising, and inflammation. Arnica balm gladly delivers its help for these complaints.

Enchantment Creek has developed Arnica Balm. This arnica slave is a very special blend of plants. This trio was designed to create a more holistic remedy. These three plants help to make the the common requests of Arnica salve, that much more effective.

Getting Down in the Dirt

Arnica is a plant that has been on my harvesting, and medicine making list for many years. Not only is it blanketing our industry. This sun-shining flower covers the woodland floors of the Rocky Mountains and beyond.
In our region, she grows in pine forests of the mid to lower elevations. Overlaying the spring-time ground in a bright, yellow, daisy look-alike. Arnica salve is a lovely welcome to the harvest season for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Arnica cordifolia – Main ingredient in Arnica Balm stick and jars.

There are many species in the composite family. Arnica being a cousin to the common garden daisy. AND my favorite member to work with is Arnica cordifolia. When in her perfect habitat she is a prolific grower. This, making wild harvest sustainable by nature. Sustainability is the only way I feel appropriate to use wild plants in my Apothecary.

How She Works With Our Body

Arnica salve for pain has the reputation of being very effective. BUT, the exact why and how is not usually explained. Along with volatile oils, sterols and glycosides, Arnica salve for pain becomes active. She contains high levels of volatile oils that give off a pleasant spring scent. Also making Arnica a very resinous plant. This shows a high concentration of active ingredients.

When To Work With Arnica Balm stick and jar.

Arnica salve is best applied to pain of the joints and muscles. Usually, when Heat would be helpful. With it’s chemicals Arnica salve for pain is a vasodiolator. As well as being a cardio stimulant. Both of these aspects will assist the body in moving fluid away from injury sites. Arthritic conditions as well as Sports Injuries benefit greatly from gentle movement of fluids. Arterial blood is then shifted to skeletal muscles, the brain and lungs. All allowing for inflammation to be soothed. As well as encouraging the body to heal itself without struggle.

With inflammatory fluids flowing away from pain and injury sites. Arnica balm stick becomes a great help to Arthritis, bruising and contusions, sprains, and sore muscles. All of these aspects make Arnica balm is an Athletes best friend!

New Friends of Arnica balm from ECA

While Arnica’s volatile oils, glycosides and sterols are all a wonderful beginning to relief. The special blend of Arnica Balm is truly what makes it so effective. Enchantment Creek adds Clematis and Pedicularis to the mix. Both of these plants are traditional in Western Herbalism. Generally, they have been applied by Herbalists as extracts. Both of them helping to soothing anxiety and stress. As well as relieving headaches related to tension and constriction.

Pedicularis – Wood Betony

Pedicularis spp. – Wood Betony

Topically Pedicularis is used to relax tension caused by stress or anxiety. As well as being an effective vasodiolator. Meaning, that Pedicularis helps to allow blood to flow more freely through the body. Wood Betony also contains astringent and antiseptic properties. Making it an excellent companion to Arnica salve for pain. As, both are pain relieving. They also help to encourage slow healing wounds in recovery.

Clemaits – the Vine of The Rockies

Clematis Decorating My Kitchen

Clematis is the third of our Pain Balm’s trio. Traditionally, Clematis is used for relieving headaches. In the case of headaches, generally they are difficult to treat. But, Clematis eases those that are tension related. It can also help with chronic nerve pain. The same chemicals that encourage relief internally offer topical relief as a counter-irritant to joints.

A Well Balanced Trio

When creating remedies with plant friends this is the most important part. For me it is always working with the balancing act. Nature does this constantly. Always pushing one side then to the other. This creating a consistently chaotic state that balances on all sides. When herbs are applied in this way, they become that much more effective.

Arnica Balm creates a well balanced blend of topical relief to joint pain and inflammation. Traditional uses for Arnica salve for pain, like bruising and contusions are balanced and eliminated by the body effortlessly. When working with stressed or overworked muscles. As well as headaches related to tension, Arnica Balm is a perfect choice for herbal aid.

Apply Arnica Balm liberally to unbroken skin. Massage it into muscles and joints as needed. OR apply it to painful areas before getting into a bath. It is also recommended to be used under heat wraps or hot pads.